Is Joker the Only Thing that Makes You Win a Rummy Game?

Are you looking for a fun game where your skills can be put into action? Then, rummy is the right game for you. While the rummy game is easy to learn, you need to practice a lot to master the game. Most players believe that it is the joker card that can help them win rummy. Without any doubt, you cannot underestimate the power of joker in the game. A joker can help you take a huge advantage and ensure a great finish to any challenging rummy game. But getting a joker is a matter of luck. Even if you do not have a joker in hand, you can still win the game. Analyzing and employing the best strategies can give you a great win, even without a joker card. Here is a list of ways that can help you win when you do not have a joker.

Arrange your Cards

When you want to avoid confusion during the rummy game, the first thing to do is arrange your cards after the cards have been dealt. You can either choose to arrange the card by suit or by number. Arranging your card can help you in finding out the missing cards and determining the probability of getting them.

Observe your Opponents

One of the best strategies to win in rummy is to keep a close watch on your opponents. Keep observing the cards they pick or drop from the hand or the open deck. Watching their moves can help you gain an idea about the cards to keep and the ones to discard. Keeping good track of your competitors can definitely increase your chances of winning.

Play Cautiously

When playing the rummy game with the pro players, being cautious is highly advisable. But when you do not have a joker card, being extra careful is vital for a win. Play smartly and pick or drop cards vigilantly. Observe your opponents and play accordingly in order to improve your winning chances even without a joker.

Count the Points

After arranging your cards, consider counting the points, which can help you in deciding whether to continue playing or not. If your total points of unmatched cards are going above 20 points after the melds are made, dropping is a better option. Do it in the initial phase of the game in order to be saved from the big loss afterwards.


If you do not have the joker card, you can make use of the closed deck after the cards have been dealt with. Using the cards from the closed deckis among the popular practice followed by the players. These cards work well in making melds and increase your chances of a win. Avoid picking cards from the open deck or discards pile as there is a high chance of your opponent understanding your gameplay.

Wrapping Up

Although playing the rummy game may not seem easy as it would when you have a joker, you can still win. By playing cautiously and observing which card your opponent picks or drops, increasing your winning chances becomes easy. While you may find it difficult at first, the practice can make success possible.