Mexican Food Goes Beyond Tacos

When talking about Mexican food, you have to be aware of Influences In Mexican Cuisine you should consider Mexico is a country of rich culinary history, with food making up a crucial part of its culture and traditions. Its cuisine reflects not just the various landscapes and therefore the countless crops produced there, but its links to cultures which span back thousands of years.

Mexico is a country with a particularly wide Influences In Mexican Cuisine since they have got the pre-Hispanic culture, Hispanic culture and therefore the crossbreeding that these have left, it’s true that with the arrival of the Spaniards, much of the Aztec culture was destroyed, however, the gastronomy surfaced to an excellent extent.

Something that must be emphasized is that at this time Spain already had influences from another nation, the Arabs, and this is because the Muslims were long dominating the Iberian Peninsula, and it had been not until the union of the Crown of Castile and therefore the Crown of Aragon with the Catholic Kings, Isabella and Ferdinand expelled the Arabs and were responsible for financing Christopher Columbus’ expedition to the New Continent.

The crossbreeding of Spain and the Muslims is extremely present, both in their vocabulary and culture, artistically and in fact, within the gastronomy which when the conquest happened within the Aztec lands, many Spaniards, especially friars and monks made with Mexican ingredients, Spanish recipes, from there arise dishes like “mole poblano” and “chiles en nogada”.

There are other sorts of Influences In Mexican Cuisine like English since the UK was one among the first countries to acknowledge Mexico as an independent country, and within the last half of the 19th century, English arrived at Real del Monte in Hidalgo, which had many customs like the consumption of tea, soccer, and “pastes”, which are empanadas that come from English pasty and is based on potatoes cooked with mincemeat, an ideal meal for the miners who needed a hot and straightforward to eat.

On the opposite hand, after fleeing from the Ottoman Empire within the last decades of the 19th century, Lebanese immigrants arrived in Mexico, and an outsized a part of this community is found in Yucatan and Puebla, which adapted one among their most famous dishes, the Arab shawarma, but rather than pita bread the tortilla was used, the lamb was replaced by pork and therefore the seasonings were substituted by achiote, vinegar, and spices, a dish that’s so rich and Mexican that it’s hard to believe that it’s Arab.

France has also left its mark in Mexico, which began at the top of the Viceroyalty, although within the Porfiriato it had been reinforced, and in Mexican gastronomy, the procedure to organize and serve the food was refined, also because the manners and protocols of behavior at the table, since then there are pastry shops, cafes and several other French places with Mexican ingredients, one among the best exponents are the crepes crammed with huitlacoche.

As if that wasn’t enough, Chinese also Influences In Mexican Cuisine, and this is often thanks to when the oriental immigrants arrived from the US, they settled in Mexicali, Tapachula and Mexico City, nowadays it’s quite common to seek out Chinese food in any corner, but the contribution that this nation gave to Mexico was the distilled coffees with boiling milk, amid some delicious biscuits.