Progressive Slots: What you Should know Before you Start Playing

Progressive slots have a jackpot that increases as layers play the game. These slots can be played on stand-alone machines where the jackpot increases on one machine or they can be networks of machines where jackpots increase across the entire networks. Such networks can be networked across several casinos or proprietary to one casino. Progressive jackpot slots take a small percentage of every bet to fuel the jackpot that lets the jackpots on such games become far bigger than what players would find on other slot machine games. These games can be accessed at Read on to know some of the most important features of these games:

Jackpot Metres

A jackpot metre is a feature of all progressive slots that shows the jackpot’s current value. The metre is nearly always big, brightly coloured and found above the slot machines. Players can watch the size of the jackpot ballooning as people spend their coins on the slots. Also, online slot machines have jackpot metres which can be found inside the actual casino software itself. Jackpot metres can be found on different informational websites that promote such types of games and casinos.

Making Maximum Bets

When playing progressive games, players must maximise their bets to be eligible to win. Although it is not recommended to play max coins on the majority of slot machines, it is not a good idea to play a progressive slot without maximising the bet. Players will surely be frustrated if they win the jackpot and get a smaller payout because they did not make the maximum bet. However, the bigger jackpot means slot developers make it tougher to win and place more risk on the players. But, this is also what makes the games quite enticing and exciting. Thus, only players how have the nerve and the bankroll to play for a life-changing win should play progressive slots.