Rain umbrella: Best thing to enjoy the rain!

Most people like the day to be bright and sunny. But, not everyone lives in a climate where it’s sunny every day.  A lot of people live in places where rain comes anytime, and for long or short periods.  I also live in one such place where you are always expecting some rain. Fortunately, whatever scenario you encounter, I have the best rain umbrella to keep myself dry when it rains.

Some umbrellas are eye-catching and fashionable, some compact and slim, but whatever your preference is, the umbrella has to be waterproof, functional, and able to withstand the elements. Also, consider what functions you need the most. If you are living in a city, a golf umbrella is probably is not a good choice for navigating crowded streets. Sure, you’ll stay dry, but there are some other factors also that you should keep in mind like space, area and many more.

Features and points for consideration while choosing a rain umbrella

  • Size – Your choices are limited here – choose from either an automatic collapsible umbrella or a full-size umbrella. Are you searching for more coverage or a space saver?
  • Canopy – Ensure you find a waterproof option to cover your body and head but also consider how essential it is for you to have a quick-drying model.
  • Frame – you should have sure toward steer clear of flimsy aluminum frames. Also, think about how many times you typically encounter high winds in your climate.
  • Shaft (or Stem) – Are you interested in a unique design stem or a traditional stem? Also, make sure you go for the shaft that’s perfect for your height.
  • Ease of Transportation – Similar to size, consider whether you need a travel umbrella for yourself or one that covers more than one person.
  • Durability – How frequently will you use your umbrella and what kind of weather you have? A more expensive umbrella will garner more use and last longer.
  • Ease of use – Does the umbrella have an easy-to-use, comfort grip and ergonomic push-button? Some umbrellas open in one-second, keeping you dry during sudden downpours.
  • Style – Do you want something with a little more flair or the classic black umbrella? There are many color and styles options available.
  • Purpose – Will the umbrella be kept in a glove compartment for unforeseen downpours or will it be used on weekend adventurous trips? The end-use is important to think about.

So, keeping these points in mind, bring home the best rain umbrella!