Relieved Cooking Boredom With Cuisinart Food Processor

I get bored so easily when it comes to meals and cooking. I’m always looking for new and exciting recipes to try out. I think sometimes I drive my family insane when I can’t just make some basic recipe for dinner. They have to be super patient with me and my experiments, and I have to be patient with them, since they are my Guinea pigs.

I started using my Cuisinart food processor to chop up herbs to at least get me started in the right direction. This was a good way to begin, so I had the chopped herbs on hand at any given time. It makes using fresh herbs so much easier. I know that often I would shy away from using fresh herbs just because the prep for some of them could be so tedious, and I’d often turn to dried herbs, which in my opinion does not do as much for dishes as the really fresh stuff.

The same goes for chopping up some veggies. A lot of them are really a pain to cut up my hand. The Cuisinart food processor makes it so much simpler, and moreso, way less stressful.

I took to pureeing different fruits and vegetables to make a base for sauces. This was probably the most interesting part for me overall, because I experimented with some things that I never expected. I made a beautiful blackberry purée with cilantro that was amazing for chicken. My other favorite was a butternut squash sauce that I made for pasta, specifically for tortellini. They were both amazing.

One day in the midst of my creative experiments, I dropped my work bowl and it cracked pretty badly, and after further inspection I realized it was unusable. I went to KitchenWorksUSA’s website to see how I could resolve this matter. They sell the Cuisinart DLC-8 4-Piece Tritan Bowl Kit Part. I ordered two, just in case I had another mishap. I planned to be more careful, but there’s never a guarantee.

In a few short days I was back to my experiments. I made a few more fruit based sauces, my next favorite being a peach and jalapeño sauce that I mixed in with pulled pork. I also made a nice caramelized onion purée that would have gone well with just about anything. 

My family still rolls their eyes whenever I want to try some crazy concoction for dinner, but they also let me do my thing without a lot of stress, so that makes things nice for me. Typically, everyone tends to like the things I come up with, and they’re pretty healthy alternatives to the store bought stuff, so it’s a win win all the way around. I’m so glad I made this discovery and get the most out of my Cuisinart food processor.