The Health Benefits of Daily Trekking

Treks are a common pastime for people who like to get outdoors and experience new places. However, trekking or hiking not only highlights the breathtaking views of nature, but it also provides the following health benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing:

Better heart & lung health

The physical demand of climbing through rocks and steep inclines strengthens your heart’s ability to pump blood and increases your lung capability, potentially lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. Luckily, the fresh air quality cleans your respiratory system for improved function.

Stronger bones from trekking

The flexibility and strength required for trekking help form more muscle mass and build bone density, protecting against minor injuries and osteoporosis. Not to mention, hiking is a low-impact activity, making it ideal for people with arthritis and joint pain.

Enhanced mood

Getting active boosts your mood by releasing endorphins that decrease stress levels. Research suggests that being outside each day may ease symptoms of depression and anxiety

Weight loss

During treks, your heart rate reaches its optimal fat-burning zone on your inclines and rests on your declines. The uneven terrains and hills give you a full-body workout to slough off the extra pounds.

Natural sleep

Daily exercise usually tires your body out, leading to deeper, more restorative sleep. Natural light can reset your biological clock to stabilize your sleep cycle and help you feel refreshed in the morning.

Increased Productivity

Stepping away from the screens and into nature during a trek reduces brain fog, encourages mental clarity and focus, and activates the creative side of your brain, which may trickle into your work.

As you grow in your abilities, you may realize the impact of this activity on your body and mind through these benefits or any number of positives that trekking provides.