The History of Poppers


Poppers are substances that come from a group of chemicals that are referred to as alkyl nitrates. Although amyl nitrite was originally used in its production, isopropyl nitrate is the substance that is more widely available and is used more nowadays. Poppers are normally sold in small bottles, and they come in the form of effervescent liquids, releasing a sweet-smelling vapour that is inhaled. This vapour is known to increase blood flow by opening blood vessels, and it also does the job of reducing blood pressure and increasing one’s heart rate. That creates an amazing sensation all through the body and leaves the user feeling warm, possibly with a head rush and a flushed face.

The ACDM (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) was requested by the government to look into the use of these alkyl nitrates, and they came up with the report that poppers were outside the scope of the drug bans that were set in place by the government. The evidence of their report was that the psychoactive effect of poppers did not have a serious direct action on the brain but only an indirect one. The only direct action the popper had on the brain was to increase the blood flow.

The first poppers have been traced back to the Victorian days when they were used to treat angina. That was because of their ability to open up blood vessels. They were also used, and are still being used, as antidotes against cyanide poisoning. However, they are not sold to be used that way specifically. They are sold to be used as room odourisers, and English poppers would never be advertised to be used for human consumption because that would be illegal. However, it is not news that some people inhale poppers, usually to get a head rush as well as its relaxing effects on the vagina and anal sphincter. Some users take them for their phenomenal muscle-relaxing effects, as well as to make anal and vaginal sex much smoother and easier. Some users even claim that using poppers helped to increase their libido and also prolong their erections.

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