The Importance of Card Access System in Singapore Workplaces

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a total shutdown of all but critical services, which permanently altered how businesses view and utilise office spaces. Employers still allow employees to use hybrid or remote work models two years after the first surge of the pandemic. We anticipate that more businesses will move their operations back to the office as 2023 draws closer. However, nothing will remain the same. For instance, the biometric door access system might not be safe to use nowadays due to the threats of viruses.

Future workplaces must support organisational culture, encourage cooperation, and stimulate innovation while protecting the health of their employees and visitors. Companies now invest in improvements aimed at safeguarding health while reinventing workspaces and how they function because people are becoming more concerned about keeping themselves away from deadly viruses. Since a biometric door access system may draw fear among your employees, an alternative is necessary.

The Importance of Card Access System in Singapore Workplaces

Card Access System as Alternative to Biometric Door Access

The card access system in Singapore is ideal as an alternative to the typical biometric system for security and attendance monitoring in workplaces. Typically used in hotels for guests to have

exclusive access to their rooms, a card access system will work well in a corporate office. Here are just some of the reasons:

It Can Double as an ID Card

It is economical to issue employees ID cards that can double as card access in the workplace. Doing so will let you cut some funds on either the manufacturing of ID cards or purchasing access cards. Moreover, since this will be the key to their workstations, your employees will be more responsible in bringing their company ID with them.

Offers the Same Security Minus the Health Risks

A card access system offers the same tight security as the biometric door access system we get used to. It only differs in the sense that a card access system will allow an employee to access a room by merely swiping or tapping his card on the system. It follows that the method will minimise the chance of spreading bacteria and viruses.

Can Work as an Attendance Monitoring System

While many would say that biometrics is the most authentic method to record attendance, a card access system comes close to that. Why? Because your employee will be less likely to hand over his card to his colleague only to time-in early. Just imagine how he will be able to enter the office without his card if he does so. This entails that a card access system will also work well as an attendance monitoring system in Singapore.


The pandemic sparked a change toward a more seamless and contactless access interface that is meant to safeguard both workplace security and occupant health. Both security personnel and end users may now complete the process more quickly thanks to recent technology like a card access system.

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