The Ultimate Guide If You Are Planning a Trip to Egypt

Before I travelled to Egypt for the first time, I had a lot of questions on my mind, several of which are still unanswered. But as soon as I landed the I set out to explore a destination I had been yearning to for years.

You’re must be wondering if it’s safe, whether what you’ve seen on the news is a correct depiction, what is the best time to travel and where can you buy cheap tickets. Just read on for some, if not all answers!

Is Egypt Safe?

It’s totally safe to travel throughout the country. Regardless of the time, you can walk down the streets, without feeling uncomfortable or insecure. The locals are highly cooperative and the police is available at many checkpoints along the way.

Although there have been many disturbances in the country lately, major tourist spots have remained largely undisturbed. The section of the country between the Nile & the Red Sea is also considered mostly safe. Visitors travelling on roads in this region should expect to stopped frequently at military checkpoints.

Egypt time zone

It is the two hours ahead of GMT in winter. In summer the clocks move forward one hour from the last Thursday in April to the last Thursday in September.


There is often a different quoted price for Egyptians & residents and foreigners and visitors. Be mindful of this when booking particularly when comparing options on price. It is always safer and easier to book your flight through the airline you wish to travel. Air Arabia offers Air Arabia Discount Code through which you can save on your entire trip including flight and accommodation.

Weather in Egypt

If you are planning to travel during winter in the months of January and February, you will find pleasant sun-filled days with chilly nights. However, the sun and the heat in the summer months can be terribly strong, especially in the South where Aswan and Luxor are located, with the nights being warm and pleasant. Some tips you can use to protect yourself from the sun and heat:

  • When in exposed places it is necessary that you wear a hat.
  • Always carry sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Go sightseeing either early in the morning or late in day.
  • Enjoy a ride along the Nile in the evening for the cool breeze.

You must plan your trip accordingly and book your flights earlier than the planned date. Further discounts can be availed if you travel via Air Arabia Discount Code.


Best time to visit Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt overall is from September/October through to April, when temperatures are at their most pleasant. This makes cultural and sightseeingmore enjoyable. However, December, January and Easter constitute peak tourist season, and iconic sights like the Pyramids of Giza, the Temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel can get awkwardly crowded.

If you are planning on travelling mainly for swimming and snorkelling in the ocean, then there is no reason not to head to the Red Sea resorts during the very hot months of summer where 38 – 45 degrees Celsius is not unusual.

Egypt travel tip when booking flights

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Weekend – is Friday a workday?

The workweek is Sunday to Thursday and hence Friday and Saturday constitute the weekend with Friday being the main day off for the entire country.