Tips and Guidelines to a Successful Secret Santa Shop Fundraiser

When it comes to things that kids love, a secret Santa shop fundraiser is one of them because they stand to buy gifts for their loved ones there. Parents also stand to benefit from the secret Santa shop fundraiser because they get the joy of seeing their kids buy gifts for them. They enjoy the feeling that their kids are growing up into generous and well-trained humans.

As a school that has the intention of raising funds for one reason or the other, you can kill a lot of birds with a stone. You can have funds raised. You can have the kids learning the importance of giving. You can also have the parents happy with the school initiative. This is a win-win situation.

Now that you understand the benefits of running a secret Santa shop fundraiser, we have decided to outline some tips that you should consider following before you set it up.

Talk To The PTA

We know the running a secret Santa shop fundraiser comes with benefit, but you have to discuss this first with the PTA before you do anything. If they are against it, it may end up not working. Tell them the benefits of having a secret Santa shop fundraiser. Tell them about how you intend to raise fund for a school program. Tell them about how kids will learn to be generous. Give them other reasons you have decided that the secret Santa shop fundraiser is the right venture for the school. You will have a lot of parents and teachers supporting the idea, as long as you put the argument well.

Ask For Help When Needed

If you run into a situation where you need help, ask for help. Don’t behave like those that feel that they can do everything by themselves. You may end up flipping badly. To save yourself from this, you should consider asking for help. If you have never run a store before, ask PTA members that own stores to volunteer their help. This ensures that the business runs smoothly, and the needed profits are made. When you act like someone that can do everything by himself, you may end up losing money, instead of making money.

Decide On What You Want To Sell

Before you open the business, you have to make up your mind on what you want to sell. The fact that you have the intention of running a secret Santa fundraiser means that you have decided to sell gifts. What type of gifts are you going to sell? Before you buy anything, ask yourself if kids like them? Will kids love to buy the toys for themselves and their friends? Buy gifts that are good for gifting to classmates, dad, moms, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and even teachers. Don’t just buy something because you like it. Buy it because you feel that kids will buy them for their loved ones. What shall it profit you to buy gifts that kids won’t buy?

Look For A Good Gift Service To Buy From

This is something that you should consider properly. Go for only gift services that know their onion. Before you go for a gift service, ask yourself if they have what you are looking for.

You need to find out their policies. There may exist a lot of gift services out there, but many of them won’t give you the services that you crave for. Find out how reliable they are. How long have they been in the business? How many schools have they catered to? Do they have a return policy? What level of discount are they ready to give you? Do they sell their gift items affordable? Are they ready to offer you great ideas for your holiday shop? How does their customer service sound? These and more should be asked. Going to customized products is good, but when they aren’t affordable, that’s a big issue. Kids depend on their parents for money, meaning that if you sell expensive items, there is a great chance that no one will buy them. Whatever you sell must be below ten dollars.

Market it well to The Kids

Since the kids are your target market, this means that you have to go out of your way to market the idea of buying gifts from the shop to them.  School Holiday Shop is by far the best partner to help you set up your secret santa shop.