Tips for Making Your Proposal Perfect

You’re ready to pop the question to the love of your life but you want some advice on how to do it? You’re in the right place.

Asking someone to marry you is a huge moment in your lives. So, it’s important you hit the nail on the head. To make sure your marriage proposal goes off with a bang, check out these top tips.

Make it memorable

Even if your partner is shy, you still want to make the moment you ask them to marry you unforgettable. But how?

Consider doing something quirky like hiding the ring and sending your partner on a scavenger hunt using special and funny questions about the two of you. You could speak to your partner’s boss in secret and book a surprise holiday. Or if they’re an adrenaline-junkie, arrange something exciting like bungee jumping or hang-gliding before you ask them the big question.

Choose the right ring

What’s a perfect proposal without the perfect jewellery? It’s key that you track down the right engagement ring for your partner before proposing marriage. Fortunately, you have a huge variety of styles and brands to choose from, like

So, before you start planning the event, take time to research what kind of ring your partner would love. You don’t want to organise the ideal moment only to present a ring they think is just OK.

Plan it out

Did you know that the average person spends around four and a half months simply planning a proposal? It’s important to give such an important occasion plenty of attention, so don’t cut corners.

Create a list of potential venues or themes you want your proposal to have that you know your partner will love. If you want to take them to their favourite restaurant, book well in advance or if you’re planning on popping the question on holiday, ring the hotel early and see if they can organise anything before you arrive.

Keep your planning under wraps and think about asking a close friend or family member to help you brainstorm ideas.

Personalise the event

Marriage proposals happen all the time and your partner has probably seen loads of photos and videos about them over Instagram and Facebook. So, one of your most important tasks is to make this proposal unique and tailored to your partner.

Try and think about everything they like. Are they into a certain type of music or film? Do they love animals? Can they not stop talking about that amazing holiday you went on two years ago? Is there a hobby you both love that got you together in the first place? Anything that is special to them will help you mark the occasion.

Make it snappy

Over 50% of women in a recent survey said that they wanted their partner to get to the point and simply ask: “Will you marry me?” So, if you were planning a ten-minute speech, you might want to think again.

Keep it short when it comes to popping the question and don’t confuse matters by getting tangled up in expressing how much you love your partner. The fact that you’re asking them to marry you says it all and you’ll probably be nervous enough without adding speech memorisation to your to-do list.

Get ready to organize the ideal marriage proposal.