Top 4 things you should know about Greenhouse at home

Green house is a manual garden made in the outdoor space of the house for growing plants. It is mostly made of glasses to enable easy entry of sunlight into this space. Since plants need water, air and sunlight to grow, the best yield from a greenhouse can be obtained by assuring abundance of all these factors there. Some interesting things worth knowing about Greenhouse are explained below.

  • Greenhouse offer a systematic space for growing plants in controlled conditions

If you are wondering why you need a greenhouse when you have a garden at your disposal, here is a small explanation to change your thinking. A garden is largely on the mercy of nature. It success mostly depends upon the climatic conditions prevailing in your area. And, unknowingly, you create a breeding ground for germs by having a garden. Greenhouse, on the other hand, allows you having the fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. of your choice grown in the conditions maintained by you. Thus, the chances of having a good yield of these products are higher in a greenhouse.

  • Greenhouse do need proper ventilation

Plants you choose to grow in the greenhouse do require air. They may wilt in the want of fresh air or perish earlier than expected. So, don’t forget to install vents for optimal air flow through the greenhouse space if you want your plants to grow better. The greenhouse, with the help of its glasses, can trap the sunlight and maintain optimal temperatures inside it; but the air supply is also to be regulated. Thus, pay attention to its ventilation.

  • Greenhouse can be used for growing vegetables all the year

Greenhouse does not shut down in winters, as it is assumed to be. The temperature, humidity and airflow can be manually managed in this space with the help of thermostats, vents and humidity controlling equipment. Thus, you can study a bit about the optimal temperatures required for successful yield of your favorite vegetables and apply your knowledge to have your stock of these throughout the year. You can also choose the vegetables to be grown according to their temperature requirements and shuffle the plantation as per the prevailing weather conditions.

  • How to position the greenhouse in the outdoor space or garden

The main aim of greenhouse is to capture the heat and light of the sun and offer optimal temperature for the plants inside it to grow. Thus, its positioning in correct orientation can help you have maximum benefits. The north or northeast side of the house is the finest location for placing a greenhouse. The house gets exposed to the sun maximum in this part. The other best option is to have an east facing greenhouse. This position allows the greenhouse to stay exposed to sun for longer duration of the day.

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