UPSC Ultimate Guide To Success

Many of you aspire to sit on the executive chair of the nation. This can only be made possible if you can successfully crack the UPSC exam. For better guidance, you can connect with any reliable online IAS coaching centres. Since there are some of the Best UPSC coaching in Delhi, you can get into any of them and prepare yourself. We all know how tough is the UPSC exam. It is not at all a cakewalk. Instead, you need to follow some strategies to prepare for the UPSC exam. 

One of the most challenging aspects of the UPSC exam is the vast syllabus. Unfortunately, most UPSC aspirants fail to complete the massive syllabus on time which is why they lag. Given below are some tips and tricks that you can follow to crack the UPSC exam successfully. 

  • Follow a strict routine 

One of the biggest obstacles while preparing for the UPSC exam is time management. If you know to manage time well, half your battle is won. Unfortunately, this is where most aspirants sit cluelessly, not knowing how to manage time efficiently. The time management and routine depend on your status – whether you are a student or a working professional. If you are a student, you get ample time to devote to your studies. On the contrary, if you are a working professional, you have to study outside your busy schedule. 

  • Have a clear idea about the exam pattern 

If you are aware of the examination pattern, you can look at the UPSC official website. Besides the exam pattern, the website also clearly provides an in-depth understanding of the topics or subjects students can take up. So ease yourself with the exam pattern and the hard work that you would have to put in for a long time unless and until you become an IAS officer. 

  • Chalk out a structured plan

Since the UPSC exam demands aspirants to manage time judiciously, it is vital to develop a sound and organized plan. Sometimes, you may get perturbed by the amount of information you have to memorize or keep inside your head. But this should not stop you from leaving the journey towards becoming an IAS officer in between. So, along with a structured plan, it is also essential to be patient and have the tenacity to fight back even if you fail. 

  • Sit for mock tests 

One effective way to understand whether you are fully prepared or how much prepared you are is to sit for mock tests. Mock tests these days are conducted by various IAS coaching centres to which you can easily register and enrol. The question papers in these mock tests are designed in the same way in the IAS exam. 

Thus, they can be called perfect replicas of the original IAS exam question paper. Further mock tests will help you to get rid of the nervousness that you might face otherwise. Remember, essay test series UPSC is compulsory, it has been observed that mostly aspirants ignore it. You can easily score more than 60 percent in the paper, which is nearly impossible in other general studies papers.

  • Do not miss our revision

Above all, whatever be the type of exam, the more you revise, the more confident and prepared you are. You surely don’t want to panic by looking at the examination paper on the final day. For this, it is essential to allot as much time as possible for revision. Since the UPSC syllabus is vast, most candidates prefer finishing the whole syllabus first and then starting with the revision. If you think you can revise well in this manner, then you are wrong. As soon as you finish one portion or topic, revise it the next day. 


Therefore, following the tips and tricks mentioned above will deliver you the best results. Also, do not lose hope and have faith in yourself.