What Are The Questions To Ask A Kitchen Equipment Supplier?

Before dalgona coffee became a hit, many people loved to drink coffee. After all, drinking a cup of hot or a glass of cold coffee can keep anyone awake and finish the needed tasks throughout the day.

Even though it seems easy to make a coffee drink, its taste is not on par with what a barista can make. In that case, many people prefer going to cafés or coffee shops like Starbucks to enjoy their favourite coffee beverage.

The expertise of baristas, however, is the only thing that makes cafés exceptional, but also the cafe equipment they have in Singapore. People will be less likely to consider spending most of their time at cafés, even with free wifi, if they lack the necessary tools to brew coffee and toast a few slices of bread.

5 Questions To Ask A Kitchen Equipment Supplier

  1. Is There A Warranty Included?

Since cafe equipment can be expensive, you should buy from a kitchen equipment supplier that offers a warranty. Inclusion of this can give you peace of mind that they will shoulder damages to the appliances as long as it meets the repair guidelines.

  1. What Coverage Does An Extended Warranty Provide?

Most manufacturers of cafe equipment only offer 5-year warranties. If you think that duration is not enough, you can apply for an extended warranty, but that comes with a price. Before applying for one, you should verify the coverages under this long-term warranty. In most cases, they shoulder the cost of some spare parts needed for repairs and maintenance.

  1. Is It Energy Efficient?

With the fluctuation of electricity, an energy-efficient combi oven in Singapore can help you save energy consumption and lower your electricity bill. Consider asking this question to other types of cafe appliances you would like to get for your coffee shop.

  1. Do You Have Customer Reviews

Whether or not you have purchased from that before, make it a habit to read customer reviews. They are feedback from previous customers about their purchase, which can help you know if they are satisfied with it.

Only ask this question if they do not have customer reviews posted on their website. Also, when you cannot find them on their Google Business Profile and Facebook Business page.

  1. Do You Have Kitchen Appliance Packages?

If you intend to purchase a variety of kitchen equipment, find out if the supplier in Singapore offers packages. Since they will almost certainly give you a wholesale price for your orders, you can save a lot of money.

The Bottom Line

The success of your cafe business depends on the equipment your baristas and staff will use to serve your customers’ orders. Asking questions to a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore will help you determine if they can provide you with what you need and get the most out of what you will pay for the appliances.

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