What Has Led to Esports Growing Success?

Gaming as a whole has only moved from strength to strength as a wider audience than ever before have become more interested in the growing gaming market, the latest in the success has come from the wider esports ventures across multiple titles that pull in hundreds of millions of viewers per year, and with alternative markets such as betting and the bigger markets as did a call of duty review to cover the space too showing the benefits of these titles too, but what else has led to the esports scene becoming so successful?

Easy viewing has been key – Something that has made viewing of traditional sporting difficult for many over the years has been within the paywalls in place and the fact not all services are as easily accessible, the difference for many has been that all of the biggest esports events are streamed live for free on the bigger platforms like Twitch and YouTube and has been key for the continued success too. With the biggest title of League of Legends pulling in a suggest 44 million concurrent viewers at the recent big world championship event, the numbers are certainly starting to rival and even surpass the biggest traditional sporting events too.

A wide variety of titles to make up the space – Initially the games that made up esports were quite niche, and that is still the case for some regards as four big titles make up the majority of viewership with two first-person shooter titles and two multiplayer online battle arena titles, but there has been an effort to develop opportunities in other genres particularly those more accessible to a casual audience with the rise of things such as traditional sporting titles in esports with the likes of FIFA and the NBA. It provides an exciting opportunity for an audience that may not have had as much opportunity to make the transition and provides a space for newer users to move in to.

Changing attitudes towards gaming as a whole – Most importantly will be the fact that a wider audience than ever before has made the change to gaming, the widespread usage of mobile games has meant that a changing demographic are making the adjustment too, it’s not only younger teen males that are the primary audience now and this is something that will only continue to change with time, and something that will continue to bring a wider and growing audience.

This past year in particular has only seen the esports market as a whole grow, so it may not be a surprise to many that this shift is somewhat limitless for now, but as other opportunities are explored outside of just esports and provide options for traditional sporting to move to online platforms too, esports is changing sporting in all aspects with a wider reach to deliver online streaming with easier access for free to as many who as can access it.