What to Look for in an HOA Management Company?

Do you often wonder what to expect from a professional property management company? The list would be endless. Let us delve on a few items that a professional property management company should offer you. 

It would be pertinent to mention here that when you look forward to interviewing or searching for phoenix az hoa management services for managing your properties, you should remember the below-mentioned aspects. 

Monthly statements 

Foremost, the HOA management services should be able to provide you with regular monthly statements. You should be aware of where your money has been going and in what it has been spent on. It should reveal the expenses on the investment property. Without monthly installments, you may not be aware of what has been going on. 


In the event of you hiring a professional management company, you should rest assured that they should screen the tenants. Only a professional property management company would screen them for income, criminal history, verification, and credit history. It has been deemed of great importance. 

Answering phone and emails 

You would require a company that would pick up the phone and answers your emails. Even if they were unavailable round the clock, they should provide after-hour services. Moreover, they should be responsive in a quick manner. 

Having a stipulated fee 

In the event of you interviewing a property manager about their fee structure and they did not have any idea about it; you should rest assured that they would not be professional in their work. 

Providing legal aid 

With respect to legal aid, the management company should be having an attorney to consult with when seeking expert advice. In the event of you asking a legal question the management company is not aware of, they should have an attorney to ask and revert with an appropriate answer. 


A professional HOA management service would have access to various maintenance vendors. In the event of something breaking, the property manager should have their contacts ready and available to handle such problems.