Why do you need an Alternative Robocopy?

Robust File Copy or commonly known as RoboCopy is a command line directory tool set for Windows Operating System. It was launched for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8. Robocopy is known for its abilities above and below the built-in Windows copying and xcopying commands which comprise of the following:

  1. Capability to tolerate interruptions of the network and continue copy.
  2. Capability to copy files and attributes in the right way and save real timestamps along with NTFS ACLs, auditing details and owner info with the help of command line switches.
  3. Capability to include Windows NT backup right so that you can copy full directory along with the files which have denied readability to the user.
  4. By default, persistence, it has a customizable number of retries offered automatically if a file fails to open.
  5. A mirror mode which keeps the files in sync by deleting files from the location which aren’t available in the source.
  6. It can skip files which are available at the destination folder with same size and timestamp.
  7. A regularly updated command line to showcase the progress
  8. Capability to copy files and folder names which surpass 256 characters without any problem.
  9. Multithread copying
  10. Return code on the termination of the program.

Though Robocopy has a lot of benefits but it comes with certain limitations. Thus, you need an alternative robocopy to resolve the issues it faces. GSCopyPro is a commanding tool which you can use copy, replicate and move files from one location to other. The folder can be on the similar machine, server or at another server.

What makes GSCopyPro a better alternative robocopy is that it works on 32-bit and 64-bit processors and has literally no limitations. It can easily be timed to run as a predetermined hour and is completely automatic. It also has an open file agent which can copy files which are openable by other processes. The feature is readily available in all the versions from Windows 2003.

GSCopyPro doesn’t need any installation. It only needs you to have MS .NET framework 4 installed on the device which helps in running GS Copy. Windows 8 and 2012 already have preinstalled Windows .NET Framework4 so, GSCopy can directly run on them as an administration without any pre-requirement.

What’s noticeable about GSCopyPro is that it can literally open files which are local to the service. If the files are hosted on a distance machine, then opening file copy may not be achievable. It also comes with the option to include or exclude particular files and folders you want. Overall, it is a much smarter and better algorithm for you which enhances your efficacy, performance and reliability in comparison to Robocopy. So, go ahead and install it on your computer now and use it anytime.

GSCopyPro run on concurrent licensing model which means it is based on the amount of times the software has been running. You can purchase the number licence and use it as per your requirement.