Why go for a Certified pre-owned Maserati?

Finding the best car for yourself can be such a huge task, especially when you don’t know where to look. Whether you are in the search for a new or a used Maserati in New York, it is important to use automotive experts who are knowledgeable to help you in your search. At Maserati of Manhattan, there are high-quality car models such as Maserati Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante and also GranTurismo which have recently been put in the market as certified pre-owned cars by Maserati.

What qualifies a Maserati to be certified pre-owned?

In order for a Maserati to be a certified pre owned Maserati, it has to meet a certain balance of a new car warranty. The factory standards of the car must also be met to uphold the service and condition compliance. After a Maserati has been certified, its warranty is extended to six years and it is given unlimited miles. This is all counted as from the original date the Maserati was serviced.

Why go for our pre-owned cars?

Despite the fact that these cars have been previously owned, they can give you a very dependable driving. The mileage that already exists does not have a negative impact on the miles you can cover if at all you choose to go for these pre-owned cars. All the cars go through a thorough inspection before they are brought out to be sold to ensure they are as good as new to give you the best driving experience. In addition to the sale of certified pre-owned Maserati, there are also maintenance services offered to cater for all your automotive needs.

If you need quality and authentic parts for your Maserati to boost your car’s style and to make it more convenient, Maserati of Manhattan onsite auto repair is the place to visit. You can boost the performance of your car, and make it desirable to your taste.

Pre-owned Maserati is affordable and they give you good financial planning. For people who are Italian car lovers, pre-owned Maserati gives them an opportunity to own an Italian car without necessarily depleting their finances. Going for a certified pre-owned Maserati gives you a chance to choose a car lease or a car loan that works best for you. Thus, owning a Maserati does not have to be a dream you never get to live because these cars are as good as new despite them being previously owned.

Pre-owned Maserati is not that different from new ones. The GranTurismo, for instance, has very minor changes on its models from 2014 to the newest 2017 model. This means that most people will not even notice you did not spend full price for a new GranTurismo model. An added advantage to this model is that it comes with a Ferrari-derived V8 which sounds absolutely implausible.