Why You Need a Marine Power Pedestal

A Marine Power Pedestal is a device that supplies power to people who own boats or recreational vehicles. They come in many different forms to meet the consumers personal needs.

One of the companies that deals in these kinds of power units is a company called Dock Boxes Unlimited Inc. They feature many designs of power pedestals to choose from.

These power pedestals are nice to look at in appearance. They are also very durable. They are manufactured to keep going in tough weather conditions and work well in all types of climate.

Companies that deal in this type of equipment can help with many things.

All the electrical equipment one may need can be provided. They can help with the design and layout of the equipment. Docks and your marina surroundings can be updated to accommodate one’s needs.

One of the units is known as the LightHouse Power Pedestal. It has many essential features. It has an LED Light Photocell. The light comes with either a clear or amber lens.

A face plate that is lit on the back of the unit is offered to make it easier to plug in things at night time. Stainless steel is used for the covering of the unit. Marine or RV Receptacles are offered.

Two shore power cords come with this unit. It has wireless remote monitoring and different software and hardware options. It has standard water hose brackets and features a hinge less base which allows users easy access for maintenance and installation.

Heavy duty molded mounting tabs come standard. High speed internet, cable t.v. connections and phone service can be had with this unit. One quarter inch ball valves and three quarter inch hose bibs are included.

At Dock Boxes Unlimited, Inc. there are many Marine Power Pedestal units to choose from. There is the unit that was just described called the LightHouse Power Pedestal Unit and there are many other models to choose from.

There is a Lighthouse SS Power Pedestal, an Admiral SS Power Pedestal, a Hatteras Light Power Pedestal, a Newport Harbor Mate Model, a Mega Yacht Unit, a Firehouse Power Pedestal, a Substation Power Pedestal and a Mariner Bollard Model. There is a unit to fit any individuals personal needs.

One may not know which unit to choose and they may have many questions and needs. Dock Boxes Unlimited can help with this. They have design and technical teams that can help one in every aspect of the project.

The proper planning and efficiency that can be brought to the project can cut down on the overall cost of the project. Dock Boxes can help in every aspect of your project. All the wiring to complete the project is offered by the company.

They can also assist in one’s voltage requirements, conduit sizes, substation design, circuit layout, sizes of transformers, Power Pedestal and receptacle selection and Panel Breaker and different wire sizes as well as other aspects of one’s project.

There are many reasons why a person would want a Power Pedestal. Making the investment to buy a high quality power pedestal will pay off in the long run. Homemade power pedestals will save money for now but how safe are they?

What if something should go wrong? These are questions that need to be asked. A boat or RV is a large investment and should be looked after with care. A high quality Power Pedestal will offer one better service and peace of mind.

One gets what they pay for in life. Protect yourself with professional people and equipment that Dock Boxes and other companies can offer.