5 Essential Safety Tips for Traveling China


Safety and security are one of the underlying factors that can influence one’s desire to travel to a specific destination. Traveling to a foreign land can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. As you make your way to China, don’t overthink. Despite the language barrier, Chinese people are helpful and friendly to foreigners. Here, there’s a low percentage of violence and it is almost rare. You can walk on the street regardless of the time of the day. I assure you, it’s safe. Travelers can use public transportation without the hassle or even take cabs if they want without any accident.

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Moving forward, it is significant to keep in mind some safety precautions whenever you are traveling to a foreign land. Don’t worry too much, we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed below some useful tips that may help you stay safe and sound while traveling to the wonderful country of China.

Obey the rules of the land 

Yes, laws differ per country. Some instances may be acceptable in your own country but not in China. With that, please be mindful of your actions. China gives penalties for those people who disobey the rules such as possessing or selling illegal drugs. In addition to this, China has the right to refuse the entry of a foreigner who is trying to smuggle drugs in their county. The punishment for this can range from imprisonment for a few years to the death penalty inclusive of financial charges. This also applies to a foreigner.

Take extra care on your personal belongings 

Please be mindful of pickpockets. You don’t have any idea when they will attack you. Always keep your wallet and phones within your reach and never leave your belongings unattended. Don’t just leave your phone where someone can easily grab it and just run. Also, make sure to have a copy of the hotel’s contact details and keep it with you in case you need it. Like for example, if you leave some of your belongings on the place where you’re staying, you can contact them right away to report your concern.

Get rid of those scammers 

To give you an idea, scams are scattered throughout the country especially If you’re a foreigner. It consists of people who will approach you politely and later on offer something for you like souvenir items. If you accept it, that’s the time that they will ask for a corresponding payment or even some donations in monetary form. It can be seen mostly on the popular tourist sites. It is suggested that you refuse in accepting items being offered by strangers.

You may also experience it while in a bar. Here, it involves those people who are trying to be friendly or nice to you. Do you want to know the result of this? You’ll bill would come up expensive since they excessively priced a certain drink. To be safe, never accept stranger’s invitation regardless of how hard they insisted. If you decline to accept their offer, they will quickly lookout to find their next suspect.

Another possible scenario that is happening is that scammer can replace your money with the fake one. Following this, they will return to you the fake money insisting what you’ve given them is fake. Please mindful about it and it usually takes place when paying cab drivers or even street vendors. Always be ready with a smaller denomination to avoid such scammers.   

Lastly, if you’re in a popular tourist spot and you’ll see Chinese people that are dressed in their traditional clothing, don’t take photos without permission. They may charge you for your action afterward. 

Avoid getting involve in confrontations 

Generally, in China, they always avoid confrontation. And as a tourist, you should also avoid yourself being involved in some sort of fights or any physical confrontation. If there will be an instance that you will see two people that are fighting, never get yourself involve.

Also, Chinese people normally speak loudly and might sound harsh or angry to foreign ears. Don’t conclude that it signifies verbal confrontation. In China, it’s a normal thing. That’s the way they speak and communicate.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the locals 

Traveling for the first time to a foreign country is exciting yet a bit scary. You don’t know if your plans will turn out well. But still, with certain precautions and preparations, everything is possible. Never hesitate to ask for help from the locals if you encounter a problem or urgent situation that needs to attend to. Don’t worry, they are more than willing to help, especially those in uniforms. Before leaving your country of residence, inform your family about your travel and even notify them of the flight and hotel details.

If you’ve purchased a tour, your guide and driver will the one to accompany you for the whole duration of the tour. They are able 24/7. If you’re in a difficult situation, you can seek their assistance and they’ll help you deal with it.