5 Steps to Set Up a Webinar for Monthly Meetings

Despite the physical distance, our company can interact with each other through awebinar in Singapore. We have our monthly meetings to talk about the company’s performance and what should be our new goals. We also do monthly online meetings to have seminars to learn new skills. It keeps us valuable and updated for our job positions.

As a team leader, I’m responsible for my subordinates to become well-informed about their skills and job responsibilities. So, I decided on an annual webinar for an online interactive activity. With my experience, I can say that I have enough knowledge on how to set up an online event. So, read to learn more about my set-up process.

5 Steps to Set Up a Webinar for Monthly Meetings

Setting up monthly meetings helped our team to communicate with one another. It also allowed us to get to know our colleagues through online video activities. As a manager, I became familiar with how to set up a webinar for successful online meetings. So, learn the five steps for successful live video production in Singapore.

Step 1: Check the Equipment and Gadgets

The first step is to check the equipment and gadgets are functioning. Otherwise, it may interrupt video production. So, I checked if the electronics had physical damage. If there is, I will call for a professional technician and do the repair service. Plus, I can ask for a replacement if the gadgets are not working. The company will vouch for the payment fee.

Step 2: Check the Lighting

Lighting is essential for online productions, including the virtual AGM in Singapore. It will have a dim video, and participants will not see my presentation with improper lighting. So, when setting up the webinar, I ensure to find the best lighting to keep the video clear for the audience.

Step 3: Do a Rehearsal

Most of the time, I don’t hire any host because I can facilitate the webinar for my subordinates. To keep the program going smoothly, I rehearse with my assistant, memorise the scripts, check the program flow, and learn about proper angles. With this, I will have a seamless video production where every participant can feel productive.

Step 4: Secure the Internet Connection

I also make sure that I have a stable internet connection before starting the webinar. I checked whether the internet router was working. If not, I can look for the proper actions right away. It is also essential during the hybrid AGM in Singapore because the employees in the physical venue will have to adjust when the virtual video gets disconnected.

Step 5: Find a Private Space

The online event should be free from disturbance, and for this treason, I look for a private space to avoid random noise in the background. In doing so, I can keep the participants focused on the presentation. I look for a private room so people won’t pass behind me while talking in front of the camera.

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