A Love Story Which Is Unpredictable – ChaavuKabaruChallaga

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It is the latest Telugu film that focuses on the love life of a boy and his mother that takes a drastic turn in the latter half of the movie. The movie will take a significant turn when the lead actor confronts his mother and asks her to marry her faithful companion. The film had postponed its initial release date of 2019 and rescheduled and launched the movie on 19 March 2021. The movie is directed by PegallapatiKoushik. Being a remarkable director of the Telugu film industry, he assured his finest work to utilize the talents of his production and cast team. The film is produced under a single production unit named G2 Pictures by Bunny Vasu and Allu Aravind. The Rx 100 film hero KartikeyaGummakonda has performed the lead actor BasthiBalaraju, and LavanyaTripathi performed the lead role as Mallika. Other supporting actors of the movie include Murali Sharma as Sekhar Samuel, Rajitha as Mallika’s mother-in-law, Aamani as Balaraju’s mother or Gangamma and more.

The storyline and plot depict the lead role, Balaraju as a funeral car driver in Vizag. Since his birth, he is a middle-class boy who lives with his mother, Gangamma and his bed-ridden father. The story takes speed and intensity when Balaraju meets Mallika, a widow whose husband’s body was taken to the cemetery by Balaraju. He didn’t care about the circumstances and helped Mallika move on from her dead husband’s tragedy. Eventually, he falls in love with Mallika and convinces her to marry him.

This interaction of the lead roles gets noticed by Sekhar Samuel, the father-in-law of Mallika, which creates troubles in their life. With rapid intensity in the plot, Balaraju finds out about his mother’s affair with a man named Mohan. He finds out that Mohan loves his mother for a very long time but was never accepted by her mother. He confronts this affair with his mother and realizes the loneliness that she had to face for the past years since his birth. This changed his feelings and made him realize the need for a person for her mother with whom she can share things. He decides to get his mother married to Mohan when life amazes him as Mallika reciprocates his feelings.

The latter half of the movie takes a significant turn and creates a great climax to put an impact on the viewers. To know the latter half of the film with exceptional quality picture resolution, download the Aha app and watch the ChaavuKaburuChallagamovie online. Get your mind relaxed and enjoy the adventure of Balaraju in the comfort of your home.