Differences between Rotti and Naan

Rotti and Naan are two different varieties of Indian Flatbreads. They are very different in nature but act as a basic fundamental cuisine in an Indian diet. Rotti also is known as chapatti and is the main food for any Indians. You can eat rotti 3 times a day normally. If you want to serve rotti in breakfast, add some veggies with it. While at lunch you can serve rotti with daal and during dinner serve it again with some veggies. On the other hand, naan is very fancy food. It is heavier in nature because of its filling. So it can be taken once daily. 

How can you prepare them?


  • Roti: Start making the dough by taking one cup of wholegrain atta and add some water slowly and steadily to keep the dough soft and delicate. After making the dough, keep it aside for at least 5 minutes so the dough takes its natural form. During this time heat up your tava or roti maker through which you are going to make the chapatti. Then separate the dough into 4 different parts. Take each part one by one in your palm and roll it accordingly. Use a rolling pin or the lid of the roti maker to flatten the rotti and give the rotti its natural round shape. Now place the rotti in a skillet or left the rotti in the rotti maker for at least 2 – 3 minutes. You will start to see the light brown dots when it gets cooked. Repeat the process on the other side and your rotti is now fully cooked and ready to get served. 


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  • Naan: To make Naan, you need two cups of maida and ¼ teaspoon of yeast. You need to add ½ cup of curd and then knead the mixture to convert it into a soft dough. You can even add a small amount of water to make the batter more delicious. Keep the batter aside for at least 1 hour and cover it with a lid. When you see that the dough has risen sufficiently, divide the dough into 2 half. Take one half and flatten the dough to make a large pizza-like dough. After that, place the naan into a tandoor and when you see that both of the sides are cooked, remove the naan from the tandoor and then apply butter on the one side. You can stuff naans with a variety of stuff like cumin, kinds of garlic, chilies, onion, etc. 


You can make both naan and rotti at home and they can be easily served hot, but both naan and rotti have different making procedures. We can differentiate them as: 


  • You can roti anytime but naan can only be eaten once since it is very heavy in nature. 



  • Chapattis are very light and have more nutrients while naan is heavy food and it can take a lot of time to consume.



  • Chapattis are basically made up of whole wheat atta whereas naan is made up of refined atta. 



  • Chapattis are made up of plain atta whereas naan is made up of leavened doughs. 



  • Roti is very easier to make while naan is a little complicated.