Explore the Benefits of Meditation Online With Glo

You may be limited in your schedule and say that you do not have time for yoga and meditation. Now you will have no excuses, with on-the-go tools to build your potential and find strength in your heart, body and mind.

With the help of Glo, meditation online gives you the techniques to train your mind and learn to focus your awareness. Explore meditation online for a variety of practices that include guided visualization, mindfulness and breath awareness.

Who is Glo?

Glo, the site offering online meditation, has a manifesto. It includes creating tools to offer the challenge of helping people find fulfillment in their lives. The first few lines of their manifesto begin with:

“To you, the seeker,

You listen to your inner calling

To nurture wonder and curiosity.

To illumine your mind, inspire your heart.

With courage to kindle the fire on a journey of self-discovery.

We exist for you.”

They believe that people should be of service to others, with the revelation of their inner authentic feelings and the value of compassion. Glo seeks the goal of creating community as well as conversation. They feel that your yoga can occur anywhere, “..on a mat, on a bicycle, in conversation…Through any endeavor.”

Types of Meditation

You might be meditating to instill kindness in your heart, obtain feelings of peace or clear away stress. Gratitude and forgiveness may also be goals in choosing the type of meditation to experience. You can even help your child meditate before school. Lost in the future or past? Try meditation to experience the present moment, focusing on the now, rather than what the future might bring or the past has held.

Meditation online offers a diverse choice of options, teachers and times; whether you need to do it in five minutes or have twenty minutes available, you can find a class to fit your schedule. Different levels are offered as well, and you can cancel at any time. A free trial begins the experience; it helps first-timers to enjoy the many benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

Online meditation as well as traditional practices focus your awareness and trains your mind. Calmness and stress reduction are just some of the benefits of regular meditation.

Taking videos with you while traveling or listening to audio meditations means that practice continues while on the go. Mindfulness and breathwork are just some of the ways to relax in today’s fast-paced and busy world.

Whichever device you are using, you can enjoy Glo and get the benefits of meditation online. Compassion, peace, love, grounding, forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, relaxation and more can be experienced from wherever you are; using the device that is available for your situation offers convenience.

Meditation online can add to your yoga practice or it can be done by itself. Glo can also be given as a gift to a loved one who might need to de-stress.

Some Kind Words About Glo

According to a review in Forbes:

“…Glo has an expansive collection of classes that range from five minutes to ninety minutes and feature everything from traditional Vinyasa flow to meditation. But, that’s not the most impressive aspect of this yoga app. The company works with some of the most respected yoga instructors in the country so you can take classes from the best of the best.”