Get To Know the Kind of Therapies, Services, and Amenities Available at Our Luxury Rehab.

What is a Luxury Drug Rehab?

You may be wondering “What precisely is a luxury drug rehab?” Well, a luxury drug rehab is a kind of rehab that gives the greatest quality of care for addicts seeking recovery. Their better resources allow top physicians to deliver a variety of treatment options, which are tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Besides, anticipate high-end amenities to be incorporated.

What Does a Luxury Rehab Entail?

Luxury rehab centers offer a broad array of services and treatments. While many of these services are also provided by most regular rehab facilities, they tend to be more lavish in luxury rehabs. Patients seeking addiction treatment should research several luxury drug rehabs before choosing one that provides the services and treatments that appeal to them the most.

Here is the kind of therapies, services, and amenities available at our luxury drug rehab program at Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas.

  1. Therapies

The treatments given at a luxury rehab are significantly larger in scope, and they try fresh and novel methods and approaches. Therapies offered at a luxury rehab differ from one facility to the next, but usually, they offer the following treatment methods:

  • Holistic treatment methods like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, animal therapy, and massage therapy.
  • Individual therapy.  The client works in rigorous, concentrated sessions with a professional therapist to help them get through underlying problems and learn the techniques they need to remain clean.
  • Group therapy. Based on how discreet the patient chooses their luxury drug rehab to be, they may participate in group treatment with other residents at the institution.
  • Family therapy. Family therapy may involve both real family members and acquaintances that the patient hangs out with at home, concentrating on developing a supportive environment for them once they leave the luxury rehab.
  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment is aimed at helping the patient understand their triggers, resist them when feasible, and manage them when they are unable.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy integrates cognitive behavioral therapy with practical approaches for predicting and avoiding harmful behavior.
  • Contingency management treatment (CMT) is a type of behavioral therapy that uses rewards and incentives to encourage abstinence.
  1. Services

The normal treatment strategy at a luxury rehab is relatively comparable to other rehabs but generally delivers these services in a much comfier and more elegant atmosphere. The most frequent treatment services that one might anticipate at a luxury rehab include the following:

  • During this step, the patient will be tested for co-occurring illnesses and other difficulties that will affect the design of the treatment plan.
  • Luxury Detox. With this treatment, the body is cleaned of the drug of addiction, getting the patient set for recovery and treatment. Medications are commonly employed, and luxury drug treatment institutions may choose to offer spa treatments that concentrate on detoxification.
  • Treatment Plan. Therapists and doctors at luxury drug treatment clinics, as well as the client team, where relevant, design a tailored treatment plan that meets the needs of the individual in ways they would be most likely to find acceptable.
  • Aftercare Planning. The professionals at the institution assist the client in coming up with a follow-up plan that may be executed while they are back home.
  1. Amenities

Some of the facilities available at luxury rehabs include offering:

  • Gourmet meals.
  • Fitness centers, e.g., gyms.
  • Private rooms.
  • Spas and hot tubs.
  • Golf courts.