Handy Discusses Scary Pixar Movie Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood


Fan theories are both the boon and bane of amazing films, novels, television series, and more. According to Handy, sometimes they offer a refreshing new angle that makes your memories about your favorite elements in pop culture more wonderful, while other times it simply ruins it.

The Theories

Here are some fan theories that you most probably won’t like:

  1. The witch from Brave is actually Boo from Monsters Inc. – Yes, Monsters Inc. was a movie that gave a lot of us the courage to look under our bed and go to the washroom during the night alone as a child. Unfortunately, that sweet memory makes a quick exit as you make yourself familiar with this fan theory.

If the fan theory is to be believed, Boo missed “Kitty” or Sully, the lead character so much that she dedicated the rest of her life to finding him. In the background of the animated movie Brave, a carving that resembles Sully appears and is the supposed fuel behind this theory.

  1. In Toy Story, Andy’s parents are separated, or his dad is dead – This theory makes a lot of sense when you re-watch the movie and pay close attention. In none of the scenes, we get to see Andy’s dad or his mother wearing an engagement ring. Moreover, his father is missing in all of the family photos in Andy’s home.

Andy’s favorite toys are Woody and Buzz. Both are strong males who may represent the missing father figure in Andy’s life. Yes, you can grab that tissue now.

  1. Toy Story 3 or a Holocaust allegory? – In the movie, Woody suggests all the toys to hide in the attic, maybe like Anne Frank? However, they are found and shipped to a “cruel for toys” daycare where they are put into “Concentration” boxes and mistreated regularly. Here, kindergarteners take the role of Nazis.
  1. In Up, Russell is a guardian angel who guides Carl to the afterlife – This fan theory is one of the most heartbreaking since it completely tilts down the perspective of the actual movie. According to this theory, Carl is actually dead, and the house represents his longing and connection to the real world.

He never makes it to Shady Oaks retirement Village since he dies before that while asleep. Russell isn’t a boy scout, but a guardian angel who helps him go to the afterlife. Wow. That’s a lot to digest. Isn’t it time to grab another box of tissues?

  1. In Finding Nemo, Nemo is dead – In Latin Nemo means “no man”. The theory suggests that this movie is about Marlin going through various stages of grief. From denial and anger to despair and acceptance.


Handy suggests that you go through fan theories with a fair bit of caution. Fan theories are interesting, to say the least, but they can also be weird, painful and sometimes, brutal at their worst. However, that can’t take away the charm and magic from Pixar movies.