The Usage of Vacuum Pumps in Pharmaceutical Industry

Vacuum pumps for the pharmaceutical industry| Italvacuum

The vacuum pumps are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for production of different items. No matter what level of production you need it for, the vacuum pumps can serve the purpose properly. The usage of vacuum pumps is the best for bulk manufacturing, intermediate production and for making up the active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Some of the prominent reasons why vacuum pumps are used in the pharmaceutical industry include the following


Unwanted gases need to be removed from the liquids and gases. The process of removal of dissolved gases is referred to as degassing. The use of vacuum pumps help to reduce pressure thereby ensuring the removal of gas from products.


The process of forming crystals is referred to crystallization. The supersaturated liquids prove to be the most effective for preparing crystals. The evaporation of supersaturated liquids leaves behind crystals. The vacuum pumps are responsible for controlling evaporation and cooling rate for extra advantage.


Most solids require unnecessary moisture to be removed from it. Heating is considered to be one of the most convenient ways for the removal. The vacuum created using the pump can help to maintain low pressure. Vacuum pumps further help in drying of hygroscopic or heat-sensitive materials.


Sterilization plays an important role in removal of organisms and microbes. The inclusion of sterilization chambers play an important role in maintenance of the substance. These are effective for the usage of vacuum pumps.

The Economy Vacuum Systems

The economy vacuum systems are designed to meet the complete requirements of the customers. The vacuum pumps further play an important role in selecting the perfect one. Some of the prominent ones for the economy vacuum systems include the following

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

This is the most beneficial for the full sealant recirculation system. The sealant can further be used depending on the usage and types.

  • Oil Sealed Rotary Pump

This may be available in the single or double stage depending on the relativity of the application. This will further be applicable for the high vacuum section.

  • Vacuum boosters

These usually have the twin lobe system that can be effective for the primary vacuum device. It plays an important role in the maintenance of vacuum levels even in lower levels and is surely one of the effective solutions for low power requirements.

The LeDab vacuum pumps are pretty effective and can suit your purposes. These vacuum pumps are also available in customised solutions to offer the best to clients.