How I Maintain My Holiday Glow With Dermatologists in Singapore

It’s the holiday season again, and it’s time when I can focus more on my health and overall well-being. Christmas is like a break from all the hustle and bustle in life. It means I can stop worrying about my career progression and instead give more focus on my mental health. Am I doing okay? How do I feel? For this reason, December is the month when I attend skincare treatments with dermatologists in Singapore.

Since it’s December, I also have more time to do things I want because I applied for more leaves for the holiday celebrations. Luckily, my boss allowed me to take time off from my work. During my rest period, I made ways to look my best during the holidays! To make it happen, here’s what I did to maintain my holiday glow despite attending multiple parties.

How I Maintain My Holiday Glow With Dermatologists in Singapore

During the holiday season, it’s hard to track my diet as I attend multiple parties. There are work Christmas parties, friend meet-ups, and attending events. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to exercise. So, it can be difficult for me to look after myself. I might even gain weight during the weeks of celebration.

However, I want to be more responsible with my body and how I treat it despite the festivities. So, I will share with you how I maintain my holiday glow with dermatologists in this article.

1. Schedule A Consultation With A Dermatologist

Before December, I scheduled a consultation with my dermatologist to check my skin condition and offer therapies like eczema treatment in Singapore. I know what to do to improve my overall appearance. The doctor told me to use specific products for a better skincare routine. As a result, I can survive the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

2. Proceed With The Treatments

Of course, I also proceed with the treatments like the laser treatment for pigmentation. It’s the perfect skin therapy because I have skin discolouration. Remember, December is the time for self-love, so I make sure to make myself feel good with skincare treatments. It is worth it because I feel more confident and, at the same time, improve my overall mental health.

3. Choose Healthier Options

Yes, the holiday seasons mean I can eat pastry products and other unhealthy foods. However, I limit myself to eating such foods and choose healthier options when eating with my friends and family. On top of this, I also ask my dermatologists in Singapore about the food I should avoid for better skin conditions.

4. Finding Time To Exercise

During the holidays, my schedule will be busy with celebrating and meet-ups. For this reason, it will be difficult for me to find time to exercise and focus on my fitness progress. But, as much as possible, I find time to exercise and look after my health by visiting my doctors. It’s also time for me to focus on my health by visiting a doctor for skin cancer screening in Singapore.

5. Stick With My Skincare Routine

Another way to maintain my holiday glow is to stick with my skincare routine. I get all the skincare essentials from moisturiser to eye cream. So, even if I’m going out, I find time to look after my skin. It helps me maintain my holiday glow and makes me feel more confident.

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