I Had My First Extraction Facial In Singapore, And Here’s How It Went

Undoubtedly, we are responsible for taking care of our bodies. We should eat nutritious meals, get enough rest, work out, and regularly visit our trusted specialists to look after ourselves and ensure we are in the best shape possible. We should also care for our faces since it is a crucial body part that connects and houses the organs responsible for sight, hearing, smell, and taste. But can a Singapore extraction facial promotion help us look after our skin?

Thanks to modern technology, we can now access various products and methods to help us look after our faces. We can purchase toners, moisturisers, sun creams, and serums to nourish our skin and keep it looking radiant. We can also get over-the-counter medications prescribed by a licensed dermatologist to address specific skin concerns. Moreover, we can visit our local beauty and wellness centres to get treatments like an extraction facial in Singapore.

Before The Extraction Facial

Frankly, I learned about extraction facial treatments from social media sites. While browsing my feed, I saw a close-up video of a person’s face with a pair of hands in surgical gloves squeezing gunk out of their pores. Initially, I was disgusted since I did not understand what I saw. After reading the caption, I learned it was a video of an aesthetician performing an extraction facial on their client. I was very intrigued by the treatment that I started following accounts showing these icky yet satisfying extractions.

After weeks of watching extraction facial videos, I wondered how it would feel to get my pores unclogged. While I am an avid user of skin care products like toners and creams, I thought I would benefit from getting this one-of-a-kind facial treatment in Singapore to eliminate excess oil and dirt from my pores.

Once I was sure about getting an extraction treatment, I searched for a spa in my neighbourhood offering an extraction facial promotion. While scrolling through social media, I came across Indulgence Beauty—a trusted beauty and wellness centre in Singapore that has helped countless residents address their skin concerns.

During And After The Extraction Facial

Undergoing an extraction facial is unlike any other experience I have had. I felt anxious during my appointment, and my aesthetician may have noticed it, so she walked me through the process and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the treatment. She kept asking me if I was okay while unclogging my pores, which eased my worries.

The extraction facial at Indulgence Beauty was not as painful and lengthy as I thought. After a ten-minute face steaming, my aesthetician carefully yet meticulously squeezed black and whiteheads out of my pores, especially on my oily T-zone. I was expecting I would look like a ripe tomato after the treatment, but my aesthetician did such a good job that I did not notice much redness on my face. I also felt refreshed and did not experience breakouts or adverse reactions. I liked my experience and may try other services like the oxygen facial in their Singapore spa.

If you have clogged pores from your oily skin or daily exposure to pollution, I highly suggest you get Indulgence Beauty’s extraction facial. Visit their website below to learn more about their impressive and surprisingly relaxing treatment.