Keep your fear of SAT exam at bay with experts’ guidance

The success of your career largely depends on the reputation and experience of the college or university you will get into for higher studies. Most of the prestigious colleges and universities in the USA make use of SAT entrance test in admission procedure for evaluating the readiness of the students. Your SAT score can make or break your dream of getting admission to certain colleges. Hence check the admission criteria of the colleges and universities you are planning to pursue your higher studies and start the SAT test prep with the right approach and positive attitude. 

Be well informed

To capture the challenges that students might have faced or to reflect the social and economic background of the SAT test-takers, the College Board recently revealed a new “adversity score.” Some of the aspects that might be considered by college authorities in the SAT adversity score before scaling up to 100 are neighborhood environment, family environment and high school environment which includes housing value, poverty rate, median income, single-parent household, free lunch rate, AP opportunity, etc. A score below 50 is considered “hardship,” above 50 “privilege” and 50 means average.

Focus on preparation

Although many test-takers and parents feel that the new SAT adversity score will increase anxiety and confusion, the best part is that the adversity score will not have any impact on a student’s SAT score. Hence it is advisable to seek the help of experts in the industry who have been guiding and providing comprehensive support to each test-taker to overcome their doubts with effective training and rich resources. To show your credibility in 3 hours plus 50 minutes for an optional essay is no cakewalk. Hence focus on your weakness and get the best help at an affordable price.

Evaluate performance 

To achieve your career objective, it is crucial to choose the right SAT test provider. Hence evaluate the reputation, credibility, and performance of the platform and then take an unambiguous decision.