Smart ways to use blinds and curtains

Blinds serve one simple yet essential function – to block out exterior light. Is it so? Can’t there be more creative ways to use blinds and curtains?

If you have read the title (which you possibly have), here’s some unique ideas to use your blinds.

Double blinds

The great romance philosophy of “two is better than one” can be applied to blinds as well. “Why would I need two blinds?” you may wonder.

Young apprentice, let me tell you. The benefits of two blinds are amazing. One of them do what blinds should do – total blockout of exterior light. If you are like me, who live in the city and often dazzled by the city lights, a blackout blind is what you will need.

(The blockout blind also helps with the blinding sunlight in the morning as wellin case you don’t know. Especially for me, who can’t really sleep in the summer because of the early sunrise, this one is your savior.)

The second blind is for when you want some natural light but find it too bright or feel lack of privacy. These sunscreen type or translucent type of blinds can lower the intensity of light entering the interior but not totally darkening the room.

By that, you can leave the lights off during the daytime but others passing by or living a street apart cannot see straight into your home.

These blinds can also lower the radiation heat in your home. In the hot Melbourne summer, using anything to keep the interior cool is kindly welcomed.

Roller blinds, particularly, can be made to have two blinds in the same casing.So, there is less stuff to clean and to maintain.

Styling blinds

While all blinds serve basically the same function, the appearances of them can make a huge effect to the interior of your home.

The roman blinds, for example, is very exquisite when it covers half of the window. The self-folding blind is partly folded partly extended in such case, demonstrating itself as a special piece in the house.

For thin yet tall windows or larger windows, vertical blinds and curtains are much better options. They help to visually extend the height of the room and offer extra roominess in the interior.

Sometimes, a lovely string that holds the curtains can make a huge difference as well. Not only that the drape will not flick in the wind, it also allows more natural light entering the room while enhancing the tidiness of the interior.

Space separators

I digress, this is not using blinds as they should. But using blinds as space separators is a very plausible idea.

It might be that you need a private corner in the living room. Or you want to block out the rancid smell from the open kitchen to the living room. Anyway it may be, blinds are great to temporally divide a large space into two.

What I like in using blinds as separators is its retractability. One second the blinds are separating the living room and the dining room. A second later, it is a large space for a family and friends party.

Sometimes when the kids play at the back, my wife and I will lower the blinds to block out the lights for a movie. A tiny two-person space but still being able to hear what the kids are doing.

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