The 4 Main Dangers of Detoxing Alone or at Home in Houston

Although detox is a necessary first step in overcoming an addiction, detoxing alone and at home is risky and often unrecommended. Drug and alcohol detoxification can be fatal. However, detoxing under medical supervision can avert all those risks. Detoxing under medical supervision allows for the highest quality of treatment and assistance throughout the process.

Our medical detox program at Skyward Treatment Center can assist you, or a loved one through withdrawal. We offer round-the-clock supervision to our clients throughout the whole process.

What is Detox?

Detoxification or simply put ‘detox’ is the process of removing harmful substances from the body. Substance abuse detox programs provide a secure and supportive setting for patients to overcome their dependency on harmful drugs.

Main Dangers of Detoxing Alone.

  1. Relapse

Unsupervised home detox comes with the possibility of relapse, which may be very serious. Relapse is typical during home detox because withdrawal symptoms and cravings may become so intense that they are difficult to ignore. Besides, when detoxing at home, the danger of overdosing is higher since the individual may experience withdrawal and use more of the drug than they would under regular circumstances. Home detoxification is neither easy nor pleasant. Detoxification can be challenging depending on the nature and degree of withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, medication-assisted therapy is effective in reducing cravings and preventing relapse. Addiction specialists will supply you with the therapies and medications that will make your detox experience more manageable and pleasant.

  1. Fatal withdrawal symptoms.

Opioid withdrawal symptoms may be severe, even fatal. It is characterized by the two most severe heart failure complications i.e., extremely high blood pressure and an irregular pulse. The high frequency of vomiting and diarrhea experienced during withdrawal can also lead to dehydration and ultimately, death. These complications may be managed or prevented if detox is done under medical guidance. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can also be very severe, including elevated heart rates, high fevers, and profuse perspiration. One of the most dangerous withdrawal symptom is delirium tremens.

  1. Overdose

Tolerance to a drug is increased even further immediately after quitting and it gradually reduces during the withdrawal period. The chances of overdosing increase as a consequence of this shift. Abusing the previous dosage that your body could have easily handled back then may be now fatal during withdrawal. Having medical supervision throughout detox might lessen the likelihood of recurrence and subsequent overdose.

  1. Medical issues

Occasionally, home detox might be challenging due to underlying medical issues. Some people have no idea they had a preexisting medical issue because it began when addiction was still active and no diagnosis was. Heart problems, breathing problems, mental health disorders, and seizures are all typical medical issues.

Skyward Treatment Center is at Your Service.

Detoxing in the presence of medical staff is the most sensible and secure option. Skyward Treatment Center in Houston, Texas, is ready to help anyone who want to safely and pleasantly withdraw from alcoholic, drug, or opiate use. Our knowledgeable and sympathetic staff is here to help you get back on your feet. Contact Skyward’s admissions staff for any queries regarding our medical detox programs.