The Favorite Watch Of Real Action Men

Since its inception, Bell & Ross has had a great passion for military history and the values it holds. To further their pursuit of excellence, Bell & Ross has made aviation, and more specifically, aeronautical instrumentation, one of the primary sources of inspiration. Many of his current collections pay tribute to the military’s timepieces throughout history, on land, sea, and air, including pocket watches of the First World War, flight instruments with special functions of the Second World War, and control panels of the Sixties. 

Bell & Ross watches are designed to be high-precision instruments. More than an aesthetic and elegant look, they are designed so that their dynamic owners have a reliable device when they are under extreme conditions. That is why having a replacement rubber strap is always a good idea.

The history of this watchmaking house began when between 1993 and 1993, Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo, friends and neighbors of the same neighborhood, came together under the same dream, designing a watch legible, functional, precise, and reliable. The tasks are divided: Belamich will design the products, and Rosillo will be in charge of directing the adventure from his position as CEO.

First, They decided to collaborate with the company Sinn, a manufacturer of an excellent reputation. Sinn specialized in the production of instrument panel meters. However, in 1997 they welcomed Chanel as an operating partner. In addition to the economic contribution, the luxury firm offers Bell & Ross its Swiss factory to produce the watches.

While the design of their watches is distinctive is not their primary element, this is functionality. This functional component motivated the brand to establish collaboration agreements with French armed and elite bodies from its inception. They are currently the Air Force and the Raid’s official suppliers, the Special Operations Group of the French National Police.

In 2005, its BR 01 Instrument model turned the small professional watch firm into one of the most active sector players.

Once developed, the firm established a journey back in time, searching for the origins of the watch from the aviation world’s perspective. Thus came the Original Vintage collection, inspired by the pilot models of the 40s, and in 2011 came the turn of WW1, the interpretation that Bruno Belamich made of the Aviator watches of World War I, when the pilots abandon the pocket models and fix them to their wrists and thighs using straps. This collection maintains the innovative spirit of the house and, among its novelties, highlights the use of Argentium made with a silver of 960 thousandths and stabilized with germanium.

Suppose you are one of the lucky ones who have in their possession a Bell & Ross watch. In that case, there are certainly many who envy you because its simple and elegant lines, together with its distinctive design, are enough to be easily identified. Still, if you also add a replacement rubber strap for those special occasions, you can be sure that you will stand out from all the others.

These watches are so unique that the brand itself has built them so that their owner can buy a replacement rubber strap and the necessary tools to do so. This considers that they are intended for men of real action who, more than a watch, need a highly precise and functional instrument under extreme conditions is very useful.