Things to Be Kept In Mind During Payment Of E-Challan Mumbai

We all know that technology has facilitated online or the digital mode of payment that is benefitting modern generation, like never seen before in any age or century. Within the flick of a second one can pay their essential bills, get their recharges done, book movie seats and hotel rooms in advance and can relax because the digital methods are safe and provide fast paced services.

For making e-challan Mumbai payments, you can safely use the traffic department website of the commercial capital of India and pay online instantly. Else you can use the website and apps of online aggregators like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe to make your challan related payments. The advantage of using the aggregators is that most of them offer great schemes in the form of vouchers; cash back offers and promo deals that help save some money of the regular users.

But there are several necessary points that should be kept in mind while making your e challan Mumbai payment so that the transactions happen in a secured manner. Some of the key ones are:-

Examine the site carefully

One of the first things to do is to type out the website address of the traffic department as mentioned on the e-challan Mumbai. It is advisable not to click on any links, especially ones that seem to be dubious.

Get a temporary card for yourself and dedicate it for online payments

Few organizations provide the credit cards to their employees. These short-timed cards are great for the one-time purchase of the goods from the online sites or to make pending payments. If an online hacker somehow gains access to the data, then also he cannot use it as the card is meant for one-time use or limited number of use.

Use a safe computer or smart device

One can use computers or smartphones for the e-challan Mumbai payments. Installation of a reliable anti-virus program is a must.  Also do not use public computer terminals that are meant for casual surfing’s – rather use your personal laptops or computers at home.

Install a reliable password manager

Basically, a password manager encourages us or helps us to deal with the several accounts simultaneously. Further password manager supports us in avoiding severe mistakes related to setting of appropriate passwords.

Do not use public Wi-Fi networks

It can be dangerous if pay for your e-challan Mumbai using public Wi-Fi. If you do then the hackers can encroach easily on the public Wi-Fi network and gain unauthorized access and login into your bank account which will create chaos.

Keep all your data to yourself

Don’t save your bank and personal details in a browser or a payment site – login with specific details whenever there is the need to do online payments. It is equally critical to logout when you leave the server because if you do not do so, you are welcoming trouble. In this case online thefts can happen more easily for all your details will be accessible for the next person to use.