Watch with your Kids this Wonderful act of “Mighty Raju the Great Pirate” Online at Aha OTT


The modern generation kid’s world is designed with not only outdoor games but with cartoons, animation movies, and video games at home. But Covid-19 had dragged away from all outdoor games and park visits, weekend fun moments from children and their parents, left them nervous.

To bring their entertainment back while at the homestay, Aha OTT streaming all genres movies, special shows, animated cartoon films, and web series videos. You can stream many kid’s movies in aha videos.

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Now, at Aha OTT platform, kids can watch the message-oriented movies with morals, ethics, adventure along with knowledge and wisdom. Director Rajiv Chilaka, the creator of Mighty Raju, made many series of it with different concepts. Various series are now available on Aha oTT.

Advantages of Watching Mighty Raju the Great Pirate

This generation of children is not aware of Indian history and mythology. Few kids don’t show interest in listening, but they focus on animated movies. It helps in the individual development of children from an early stage of life. With improved technology, the way of teaching morals and values to them also changed.

Many mythological and fiction stories are animated for the kids to cultivate creativity, talent and often refine their communication skills in various languages. Mighty Raju, the great pirate, encourages and promotes children’s intention of good acts.

The series of Mighty Raju, Krishna, ChotaaBheem, reveals the sole intention of director Rajiv Chilaka to raise awareness among children regarding Indian Mythology, moral stories, and ethics. This helps the children to learn beyond their classroom syllabus.

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Characters: Raju, Moby, Julie

Director: Rajiv Chilaka

Production: Rajiv tilaka on Green Gold Animations PVT.Ltd.

Music: Sunil Koushik

Telugu version Availability: Aha movies


The story revolves around the Great Pirate little Mighty Raju with extreme powers. Mighty Raju, with his parents, lives in Arya Nagar. His father was a scientist.

The story is about a reserve bank robbery. How did Raju rush to stop three Ninjas stealing the Missile documents? How did he cease Karaatis’ never-ending plan? Adventures of Raju is admirable.

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Mighty Raju, The Great Pirate, strive for Excellence: Crowning points

Chasing the enemy was the excellent performance of Mighty Raju in the movie. Kids

enjoy involving the character of Mighty Raju. By his investigative intelligence, Raju finds the robbers and rushes to catch them. He dissolves their criminal act and saves society.

Director Rajiv Chilaka creating the sound performance of little hero Raju and music by Sunil Koushik made an impeccable screenplay that astonished the audience. Children learn many good characters from Raju like bravery, loving, kind, and timely smart thinking. Finally, view this adventurous movie online at Aha OTT.

Conclusion: Watch the superhit series based movie “Mighty Raju the Great Pirate” online in HD quality without interruption. Watch kids movies online now!

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