Tech Reviews Looks at Internet Language You Should Watch Out for with Your Kids


It may be boomers, Millennials or Generation Z. Every generation has its own set of slangs and just like technology or taste in music, the gap can be pretty wide within just one generation. According to Reviews, that gap is increasing at a faster pace than ever due to digital communication and social media. As a parent, you may score pretty high on the “dank” rating if you know the meaning of “420” or “F in the chat”. However, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

The Language

  1. General Slang – Teen slang is mostly harmless. Most teens including your kids are using it to blend in with their peers and sound cool. So, there’s no need to be alarmed if you see these words in your kid’s texts:
  • Cancel – A place, person or thing is rejected
  • Awks – Awkward
  • Dope – Amazing or cool
  • GOAT – Greatest of All Time
  • Cheddar – Good old cash or money
  • OMG – Oh My Gosh/God in its abbreviated form
  • Lit – Like Dope, it means something or someone or even an event is amazing.
  • Straight Fire – Something that is trending
  • YOLO – You Only Live Once in its abbreviated form
  • Thirsty – Someone who seeks attention
  • Salty – Someone who is bitter
  • Gucci – Something cool or amazing
  • Flex – Being a show-off or flaunting
  • Lowkey – It can be used to describe modesty, discretion or secrecy depending on the context
  • Slay – No, it has nothing to do with swords or dragons. It is used by teens to express their success or excellence at doing something.
  • Whip – A car. Yup, that’s it. Just a car
  1. Compound Slang – If you have a perception of the younger generation being lazy, these slangs may affirm to those stereotypes. However, if you look at them from another perspective you may find creativity and efficiency in communication. Teens combine different words to create these shortcuts:
  • Requisition – Request and a question
  • Crashy – Crazy and Trashy
  • Tope – Tight and Dope
  • Hangry – Hungry and Angry
  1. Slangs to look out for – These slangs are the things that you should really look out for since they are basically coded texting in between kids that may lead to severe harm due to uninformed casual sex or bullying:
  • Basic – Used to describe someone who is annoying or very shallow
  • Extra – Dramatic, excessive and over the top people
  • Zerg – To gang up on a person (The term was found from online games to bullying)
  • 182 – I hate you
  • POS – Piece of shit
  • THOT – Used to refer to a girl as promiscuous
  • YAG – Abbreviation of You Are Gay
  • Cyber pretty – Someone who only looks beautiful online due to filters
  • Smash – Casual Sex
  • 99 – Parents are gone


According to Reviews, most of the teen slangs are harmless and you shouldn’t worry yourself silly about them. Just look out for the alarming slangs if you are going through their texts or social media posts.