What are the Items Prohibited at Alcohol Detox Centers?

Worrying about which items you can’t take with you to the rehab centre? Well, rehab centres have strict policies related to what a person can bring with her or him. Many rehab centres like Auburn Alabama drug rehab provides a list of items that aninpatient is not allowed to bring with him or her.

Prohibited Items

Before going to an alcohol detox centre, let’s discuss those items that you are not allowed to take with you.

1.   Drug, Alcohol and Drug Paraphernalia

While going for the treatment make sure that you did not take any drugs or alcohol items with you to the rehab centre. These items are strictly prohibited in alcohol detox centres because they can trigger alcohol cravings.

2.   Unnecessary Medicines or Products Containing Alcohol

Clinicians and staffs at rehab centres will make sure that you did not bring any medications or products containing alcohol to the centre. Sanitizers and mouthwashes that contain alcohol are also not allowed to bring in the rehabilitation centres.

3.   Lewd or Pornographic Imagery

Lewd or pornography imagery may not put you or others in danger, but it can make other inpatients uncomfortable. Alcohol detox centres do not allow any kind of lewd content, as this can make you irritable when undergoing treatment. A comfortable environment is necessary for all inpatients, including you.

4.   Weapons

All kinds of weapons are prohibited in alcohol detox centres. For the safety of everyone, patients are requested to leaveblades, guns, knives and other sharp tools at home.

5.   Food Items

Food items are strictly not allowed at the alcohol detox centre. While you are going through your treatment your doctor may not allow you to eat any specific food item.

6.   Computer Games

All kind of games, especially computer games are not allowed in the alcohol detox centres. Bringing computer games to the centres can make you and other patients uncomfortable. The loud noise and the graphics are not good for your treatment.

7.   Mobile Phones and Tablets

Once you get admitted to the alcohol detox centre you are not allowed to use your cellphone and other electronic devices such as tablets. Inpatients, if left with a phone, can call the drug dealersor their friends to ask for drugs.

To conclude, before going to an alcohol detox centre you should make a list of things that you can take along with you. Remember, there are certain things that are prohibited in an alcohol detox centre.