What Makes The Batik Dress In Singapore Unique?

Western clothing types and styles have been part of the global fashion scene for countless decades. Outfits like suits and ties, denim shorts, and form-fitting midi dress styles became popular in Singapore due to American and European fashion trends that have made their way into the city-state.

But despite the popularity of Western fashion, outfits highlighting local and traditional craft continue to become a prevalent trend in Lion City. Aside from wearing US and UK-made clothes, residents love having and wearing a shirt, pair of pants, or a maxi dress proudly made in Singapore. The batik dress is one of these local outfits—and it continues to gain popularity inside and outside the city-state.

What Is A Batik Dress?

As its name suggests, a batik dress in Singapore is a one-piece garment that features fun prints and colours printed on a fabric that extends to the wearer’s thighs or legs. It is a traditional clothing piece showcasing Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Nigerian, Sri Lankan, and Singaporean cultures.

Dressmakers create a batik dress using a one-of-a-kind cloth-dyeing technique called ‘batik’. It is a popular method of colouring and designing a textile using wax and wax-resistant dyes to write or dot patterns onto the fabric. After the dressmaker finishes with one colour, they submerge the cloth in boiling water before creating another print in a different hue.

4 Unique Qualities Of A Batik Dress

Countless individuals, including myself, have fallen in love with the batik dress of Singapore. Its looks, wearability, and history are unlike other clothing pieces, especially those that Western countries introduced to us. Batik has a vibrant character that no style or trend can beat—making it a unique fashion piece the world deserves to learn about and wear.

If you wonder why I adore wearing every batik dress in my closet, scroll through to learn about the four reasons why I fell in love with them.

1. Breathable And Comfortable

If you love wearing a linen or cotton dress in Singapore, you will like batik dresses. Dressmakers use these textiles to create such outfits to ensure the wearer’s comfort—especially during the summer months in the city-state.

2. Versatile Yet Stylish

Whether you plan on going to a formal dinner party or a casual night out with friends, you can rock a batik dress due to its versatility. People will also turn their heads when they see you wearing a batik outfit due to its one-of-a-kind style and appeal.

3. Eye-Catching Prints

Aside from being a cotton or linen dress ideal for the Singapore weather, I love earring batik because of its fascinating prints and colours. Dressmakers often use nature as inspiration when creating batik—causing them to make patterns with birds, butterflies, leaves, and flowers.

4. Showcases Local Talent And Creativity

I always thought that people who create different batik dress styles and prints are just as talented as the fashion designers in New York or Paris. They deserve praise and attention from residents like us who enjoy their work.

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