Why talking to your dog is recommended?

A lot of us talk to our dogs, and while people generally think we are losing the plot, talking to your dog makes far more sense than most people think.

It has been shown on many occasions, that people who talk to their dogs often have a much better relationship with their furry pals, than those that do not. In this post, we are going to take a look at a few reasons that talking to your dog is a great idea.

Talking With Dogs Can Help With Mental Health 

One of the biggest stigmas out there today is attached to mental health, and when it comes to talking about mental health, it’s something that people do not want to do, this is where your dog could help.

Talking to your dog can help you vocalise issues, and it can also help work through some of the most challenging decisions you have to make in life. Over the years, people have found dogs even to be great at helping reduce relationship issues.

If you are having a serious discussion with your partner, why not try and address any serious question in a light-hearted way in the direction of the dog. More often than not, this will add humour to an otherwise serious situation and can see it diffuse quite quickly.

Some Dogs Can Understand Quite A Lot Of Words

While most of our dogs can understand very basic commands, there are some breeds of dogs out there that are capable of understanding a huge number of words.

The record for a number of words is held by Border Collie who can understand around a thousand words. The average intelligent dog is expected to have the capability of understanding 165 words, which may not sound like a lot but if the dog understood Taki Taki, for example, it would be able to master the fundamentals of the language.

Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals, and from time to time, they also react to sounds rather than just words. To see if a dog is reacting to a sound or word, change your tone and monitor the result.

It’s Great For The Dog

While there are many amazing ways to bond with your dog, one of the best ways out there is to talk to them.

Talking to the dog helps you form a close bond with the dog, and the dog will often be more responsive to you. If you spend a few hours a day talking to your dog, they will eventually begin to understand more words and the more they understand, the better their training will be.

Using the time when you are talking to your dog to introduce a few repeat phrases supported by some treats can help reinforce their training.

It’s great always to be well-stocked when it comes to treats and dog food. UK Suppliers will often sell these in bulk and buying this way can save you a lot of money during training periods.