Another One Bites the Dust

No matter how spotless you clean your home on one day there will always be dirt the next day. It does not matter what kind of dirt you see (fur from your pets, little pieces of paper that somehow manage to fall without you noticing, bread crumbs, food leftovers, and sometimes even wet spots!), they are still dirt. And you do not want to have a dirty home…who does, really?

But you are used to doing all the hard labor manually. However, at the same time, you are really tired of doing the same thing every day. You are the type that wants a squeaky clean home and that makes perfect sense. Although perhaps you can try, due to all these new technological advances, a robot vacuum cleaner? You can choose between the Roomba S9 v i7.

Typically, the robot vacuums have one or two spinning brushes and one or two rolling brushes. They work together to be able to take in large and small debris to the center. The vacuum aspect then suctions the collected mess.

One the removable section has been filled, all you have to do is remove the tray and throw it into the trash.

Many, if not all, of the autonomous robot vacuums, have different sensor types.

Autonomous vacuums need to be charged on a regular basis. They can stay up for an hour or more as it cleans your home but frequently they do not make it back to charging station on time.

It must be noted, however, that autonomous vacuums are not the saviors of your dusty home. It can never replace the stand-up vacuum unless someone comes up with some sort of technology that can do that.

When it comes to cleaning power and maneuverability, robot vacuums do not have the same strength as that of the traditional upright unit. Although many units vary in the amount of suction, there are still many designs that do not guarantee of reaching every inch of the floor of your home.

One upside to this robot vacuum is that the sensors are programmed to make sure they do not roll down the stars. But that does not mean that they can stop sucking up tiny pieces of items that are cluttered around. Cables are also an enemy of the vacuums. They tend to move past thick cords but thin ones tend to be mangled and destroyed.