Choosing Blooms for Your Wedding

To help you select flowers that will bloom around the time of your wedding and make the most of your floral budget, here are the flowers we adore and see the most of, from well-known classics like peonies and roses to some lesser-known favourites of our wedding florist Singapore.


Peonies are a favourite of brides and one of the most sought-after wedding flowers ever when they are in season.

Their ruffled petals and fluffy, romantic form make for lovely bouquets.

Additionally, they come in a plethora of exquisite hues, including various tones of pink and red, in addition to bright white, cream, and yellow. To draw attention to this extraordinarily remarkable flower, carry a bouquet made entirely of peonies down the aisle.

For your reception centrepieces, stick with the concept by combining peonies with other in-season flowers. Given that peonies are traditionally an expensive flower, this is a wise approach to be cost-conscious.


Standard roses and garden roses are the two main types of roses used as cut flowers in the floral industry.

Standard roses have long stems and the traditional rose shape that you might picture (a tightly cupped bloom formed by overlapping petals).

The word “garden rose” is ambiguous, although it typically describes roses that have been grown to have more petals per square inch than the typical standard rose, giving them a fuller, more romantic appearance.

Since you’ll hold them close and smell them throughout the day, garden roses are ideal for bridal bouquets because they’re typically more fragrant than ordinary roses.

Some of our favourite gardens rose kinds are Juliet, which has a delicate peach-apricot shade, Distant Drums, which come in a variety of colours from caramel to blush; Koko Loko, which has a coffee-and-cream hue; and Patience (ivory petals with a pale, buttery-yellow centre and an incredible rose fragrance).


The delicate petals and striking, dark centres of these lovely blossoms are well known.

The most common anemone species has vibrant white petals and jet-black centers, making it the ideal choice if your wedding’s colors are black and white or if a black-tie dress code is in effect.

Anemones come in a wide range of hues besides black and white, such as blush pink, deep purple, cherry red, burgundy, and even vivid blue.


Ranunculuses are lovely flowers with delicate, tissue-thin petals that are a florist favorite. This kind is frequently confused with peonies. They are a flower that may be used in a variety of arrangements and look lovely as table centrepieces. Ranunculuses are also incredibly resilient, and many florists use them as boutonnieres since they can withstand numerous embraces. You may find ranunculuses in almost any colour you can think of, so you’re likely to discover the ideal fit for your wedding colour plan.


Dahlias, a classic fall flower, make fantastic focal flowers because of their imposing presence. Some types, known as dinner-plate dahlias, can reach head-size proportions!

They come in almost every hue imaginable, and best of all, they are typically less expensive than the perennially fashionable peonies or roses. Cafe au lait is one of the most well-liked dahlia kinds among brides. Its colour is pretty true to its name and ranges from a smooth, creamy beige to a blush pink-peach shade.