Should You Tailor Or Rent a Suit for Your Wedding?

Here are five things to consider before choosing between a suit rental or a tailored one:


Your budget will undoubtedly be your most essential consideration when choosing.

Naturally, renting a suit is more affordable than having one made.

In Singapore, suit rentals typically cost $200 or so and go up depending on customization and brand. You could pay $500 or more to rent branded suits for one day.

On the other hand, there are two general methods for tailoring your own suit: made-to-measure (MTM) and bespoke.

Simply said, bespoke produces the suit from scratch, whereas MTM is pre-cut and altered to your proportions.

An MTM suit would cost you less than a bespoke one, as you might anticipate. A typical MTM suit in Singapore may run you $500 or more, while a bespoke suit would have a four-figure price tag.

However, definitely look into their rates if you’re traveling abroad. An MTM suit may cost you the same as a Singapore rental in cities like Bangkok.

Comfort and fit

These days, a suit rental and bridal package Singapore can be momentarily tailored to fit customers better.

This is undoubtedly a compelling case for hiring a suit. No matter how well-tailored the leased suit is, whether it is MTM or bespoke, it probably won’t fit as well as one that has been custom-made.

In light of this, a bespoke suit will fit even better than an MTM suit because the fabric is cut and sewed specifically for your body.

However, the cost of that comfort and fit is something to keep in mind as you weigh your options.

Future application of said suit

The recommendation is straightforward: rent the suit if you anticipate not using it again.

But if you anticipate needing to dress up for gatherings in the future, it would be worthwhile to spend money on a tailored one.

Advice: Choose a more traditional cut in subdued colours to get more use out of your bespoke suit.

You wouldn’t want people to find out that you attended someone else’s wedding while wearing the exact same suit. After all, your wedding images would probably end up on social media.


If you’re picky about the finer points, you might want to think about having your suit tailored.

This allows you a lot more room to experiment and explore various cuts and styles.

However, if you’re not familiar with words like suit vents and notch lapels, renting a suit might be a very enticing option.

Suit rentals do, despite their limitations, offer a variety of customization options, including cuff links, ties, and pocket squares.


The quantity of time you have is another crucial issue to take into account in addition to your budget. It can take a week or two for rentals to be prepared.

MTM suits can take approximately a month or two, and you’ll likely need to come in for fits once or twice. However, bespoke is a far different game.