How Important Is Clean Fresh Water In Overall Health?

Studies have revealed that a human can go for three weeks without food but cannot survive three or four days without water. This depicts the importance of water. Water is needed for the survival of the human body but it is depressing to see that most people do not have access to clean water. While most developed nations do not have an issue getting clean water, this is a different story for those people who find themselves in developing nations. According to statistics, it was revealed that over 2.1 billion people were unable to access clean and fresh drinking water. The report further states that in the last year about 8.3 million people drank water exposed to harmful contaminants. Additionally, over 1.1 million people have suffered from severe ailments as a result of the intake of unclean drinking water.

While most people are still skeptical about the need for consuming clean freshwater as well as the benefits it has on the overall growth and survival of the body, this piece will discuss some of the benefits associated with drinking clean fresh water.

Why You Need Clean Fresh Water

  1. Prevents Diseases

Unknown to most people, the inability to get clean drinking water can lead to the rise of certain ailments. Certain health issues like Cholera, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, etc all occur as a result of the consumption of unclean water. You can only imagine the health risks associated with the consumption of water that is gotten from contaminated sites like sewages. This contributes to the rise of numerous ailments as well as the damage of several vital body organs which may lead to death in the months or years to come. To prevent certain water-related diseases, drinking clean fresh water is the best choice anyone can make at the moment.

Aside from preventing diseases, clean freshwater is essential if we are to maintain good health and a good mental state.

  1. Clean Water Helps To Get Rid Of Toxins

There are a couple of ways these toxins find their way into the body. It could be the intake of a certain food or through internal organs. Whichever way, these toxins are deadly and could have devastating effects on our overall health. To get rid of these toxins, it is expected that we drink clean water regularly.

Studies have revealed that intake of clean and fresh water will help flush these toxins out of the body, thus, keeping it in good shape. Unclean water does not have the right minerals to wash away these toxins because of the number of contaminants they have.

  1. It Helps to Maintain Balance

For the body to continue to thrive, essential fluids will have to spread to other parts. This helps to maintain balance in the body. It has been revealed that drinking clean water helps to further keep these fluids balanced, thus, ensuring that smooth running of the body. In situations when muscles do not get the right amount of water that is needed, clean fresh water will ensure that they do. Dirty or unclean water will instead of energizing these muscles will cause further damage because of the presence of these harmful contaminants.

How To Get Clean Water

With CNN reporting that over 5,300 water systems in the United States alone are contaminated, there is every need for you to keep you and your loved ones safe. How?

To ensure that you do not take in an excessive amount of fluoride or chlorine into your body, getting a water filter is your best bet. These water filters have been designed to remove contaminants from your drinking water. One of the leading and most efficient water filters is the Berkey Water Filter. Unlike most of the other water filter systems that have been produced and shipped to the market, this system is capable of removing all harmful contaminants, ensuring that you drink clean water.

There are currently a number of these Berkey Water Filters available for purchase. Depending on certain factors, you can choose which best suits your needs. In addition to this, this water filter removes all harmful contaminants from your drinking while ensuring that essential minerals are retained.  Be sure to visit for more information.