How To Care For Your Golf Clubs

Adding a last step to your golf-day routine will protect your golf clubs. When you get home from the course, cleaning your clubs, putting headcovers on them, and proper storage will keep your clubs in play-ready condition. Follow these three steps to ensure your investment will be maintained.

Cleaning your Clubs

After each round of golf, you should take the time to clean your clubs. Ensuring that your club heads do not have any dirt or debris on them is important to your game. For you to make solid contact with the ball, there cannot be anything between the head of your club and the golf ball. Any materials blocking the contact can negatively affect the spin on the ball and your accuracy.

At the minimum, you should use a damp towel to wipe the golf head of each club you used during that round of play. Preferably, take a few extra minutes and soak your irons in some soapy warm water. Just put the head itself in the water. After about five minutes, remove your clubs. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the grooves of your club heads.

Using Headcovers

Golf headcovers are made to protect your clubs. They should be used when you are golfing since the clubs are being moved about. Additionally, golf headcovers should be used to safeguard your clubs between rounds of play. So, after you have cleaned your clubs, be sure they are thoroughly dried. You do not want them to rust. Then put the golf headcovers back on your clubs. Your bag and clubs are ready for the next eighteen holes.

Storing your Clubs

When you are golfing often, you can keep your clubs in your garage. While it might be tempting to keep your clubs in your trunk, it is not recommended. If you leave your clubs in your car between rounds, you might forget to clean your clubs. In addition, temperatures in cars can be excessively hot. This heat can damage your clubs. The epoxy used in the construction of your clubs will deteriorate over time.

For any extended period, the best location to store your clubs is indoors. Temperature extremes can adversely impact the condition of the clubs.

Cleaning your clubs after play, using headcovers, and proper storage will add rounds of golf to the life of your clubs.