Reasons why a video converter is exactly what you need

There are countless reasons why you should use a video conversion tool,particularly in this technological world we live in. The following lines will explain why an online tool is oftentimes the bestalternative.

If you have survived until now without an online video converter, you might ask yourself if you truly need one. While you can obviously go by without converting your videos, having an online video converter will make a difference – in several ways.

There is a very large number of formats out there, and of course at times you will come across files that cannot be played at some point, by certain players. This is because certain brands and services choose to support unique formats and codecs.

Most of us don’t even consider the idea of converting the format of our videos. It might be that you are actually involved in some way with video production, but if that’s not the case, chances are you probably don’t even really understand what video formats exactly are.

Ultimately, the fact is that video formats are truly important, and they play a key role. There are many different reasons why converting the format of your videos can really help you.

Be able to watch videos coded in unsupported formats

At some point you might have play into a video that in principle you werenot capable of playing, and this may have triggered an actual error message stating it was in an unsupported format. This actually means that the video is formatted in a way that your device is not able to decode.

A video converter provides a simple way around this issue.It can convert your video into a format that can actually be decoded and played. You won’t need to download additional programs or software for every unsupported format you come across.

Optimisingpieces of content for different devices

It is mind-blowing how mobile tech keeps evolving so fast. And such advancements frequentlyalso mean a change in supported formats. For instance, last generationsmartphones can play MP4, while older versions of the same smartphones cannot.

Similarly, codecs that can be playedwith Android perhaps are not supported in an iPhone, Blackberry, or iPod. Also, you might want to play a file in your MP3 music player, and in this case converting your video to an MP3 format is the ideal choice.

Compressing videos to enjoy smaller sizes

If a video is encoded into a specific format, the data is compressed so that it can be stored while consuming much less space. But the compression that formats use can actually vary a lot, and some of them are much more efficient than some others.

Saving social mediavideos

Sharing the videos on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites is very nice and an attractive idea, but what happens if you would like to save them in your device? Perhaps you want to store them in order to watch them later on when you are not connected to the Internet? Downloading such social media videos is not as easy as posting them.

Editing yourvideos

Sometimes you may need to edit your video before posting it or using it. This is particularly important to those who monetise video contentslike Youtubers. Editing videos is a fantastic way to avoid copyright issues, and if you understand the weight of this matter then you already know how important this is.

You will typically need to convert the format of your files before going ahead and editing. This includes switching to AVI, MP4, FLV or MOV depending on the nature of your file.

In brief…

There are several reasons why you might want to convert your videos, but the above-mentioned are the most common ones. All you need is an online conversion tool and some time to get it done.