Why SubscribStar Is Deemed Better Than By Many?

Both have made their own identity among the subscribers who have used both, but there are few things that makes SubscribStar better than However, the comparison here is based out on not every minute detail but the essential four elements. These four help a user decide whether he/she should go ahead and get the subscription of one of these two or get on-board something similar.

  1. Payment And Payout Options: Patreon focuses completely on the International PayPal, US Bank, Stripe, International Payoneer and US PayPal. Now they are exceptionally secure and complex, which tend to kick out users abruptly. Furthermore, they have higher transaction charges that may not be appreciated by many. On the other side, SubscribStar has always focused on convenient payments and easier payout options for its user. They limit the charges levied by the third-part while keeping it all clean as well as hassles to the minimum. The base fee of 5% that SubscribeStar puts on to its user is all it charges. It may sound a lot initially, but it is much better than multiple charges through different sides. They use 3 International option, TransferWise, ePayments and International Banks and 1 US option; the US Banks for payments. Thus, SubscribeStar is better on any given day. You may check more at
  2. Privacy: Indeed, privacy is a huge matter of concern for many. However, Patreon shows an error sign all the time, which makes an aware user much sceptical on continue using it. Patreon tends to be not caring too much about the safety of the data that it gets from its users. Now combining that attitude with a payment option such as PayPal that doesn’t bother much if its users loose the data or account itself, it doesn’t sound much good. SubscribeStar on the contrary has 2-factor authentication for email, a user can opt conveniently from cookies and more. No doubt, SubscribeStar leads in matters of privacy.
  3. What To Do And What Not To DO: It seems that Patreon doesn’t have a proper section that has the “Do’s & Don’t” scribed thoroughly. Whatever is there, gets updated every now and then without on screen notification. A complicated thing to deal with. SubscribeStar has a full page dedicated to the “Do’s & Don’t” that layout every rule that its user must follow as well as there are no hidden meanings behind them at all.
  4. Creation Convenience: Patreon doesn’t make the cut with its “most of the time not working” interface. Putting up one simple post with image is a tedious task on Patreon. However, SubscribeStar may be complex, but it gets the things done smoothly on one page. Try creating an account on both and the difference will be visible.

No doubt, SubscribeStar gets the standing ovation here for standing out with its best features on all the above four fronts.