12-Steps Programs in Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Origin of The Twelve Steps Program

The Oxford Group argued that only by God intervening through a set of principles known as the Four Absolutes were problems rooted in fear and selfishness able to be changed, including “purity, absolute honesty, love, and,unselfishness” as well as public sharing and confessing. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith founded the Oxford Group, which inspired the Twelve Steps. As well as William James, the Oxford Group also supported William Silkworth, MD, the first medical professional to diagnose alcoholism as a disease according to his “Will to Believe” theories (changing our inner attitudes can affect our outer lives).The 12 Steps of AA have served as a blueprint for recovery as a set of symbols for character and spiritual growth since AA was founded in 1935 by Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Although the Twelve Steps have their origins in the past, their purpose still holds true today. According to Alcoholics Anonymous, following this standard “as a way of life” will enable a person to achieve blissful and constructive wholeness and thereby overcome their alcohol addiction.

What Are the Benefits of The 12-Step Program?

Through 12 step counseling, you will learn how to replace addictive beliefs and behaviors with constructive, attainable, and healthy ones.By following the steps, you will be taught the importance of reflecting rather than dwelling on your actions. Once you understand your issue, you can begin to refocus your life goals and open yourself up to help from your therapist, family, and friends. With every step of the 12-step program, you are on the road to bettering yourself. An addiction rehab will set you free from your addiction, inspiring you to pursue your personal goals and making amends with those who have been hurt by your substance abuse or addictive behavior.

A Summary on Twelve-Step Programs

Getting back on track can be made much easier with the 12-Step program. The 12-Step meetings help you to overcome the difficulties of early recovery through a foundation of support. Your sponsor becomes your main supporter and point of contact when you need assistance. There are 12-Step meetings held every day across the country, so you will never feel alone.As you go through the 12-Step program, you try to cultivate a mentality, emotions, thoughts, and actions that contribute to spirituality and long-term recovery success. It’s possible to maintain your own sobriety while making lasting friends and celebrating the triumphs of others in recovery.

Taylor Recovery Offers State of the Art 12 Step Programs

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