8 quick facts to know before considering Invisalign in Morrisville

Clear aligners are a type of dental braces that are made of plastic. Unlike metal braces, these clear trays can be removed while eating and brushing, making them a great choice for adults who don’t like the look of unsightly metalwork. Here are eight quick facts if you are considering Invisalign in Morrisville, NC.

  1. You have to wear the aligners as suggested: While clear braces are removable, discipline is a critical factor for getting results. You should adhere to the instructions of your orthodontist and must wear the trays for at least 22 hours every day.
  2. You may salivate more: As you get used to the aligners, your mouth is likely to water a lot more, and this is absolutely normal. It is also expected to experience mild discomfort, but these concerns should fade away within a few days.
  3. Your orthodontist may use attachments: Think of attachments as tiny buttons that help fix the aligners to your teeth for better grip. The orthodontist will also share the instructions to keep the trays clean, but your dental hygiene practices will likely remain the same.
  4. You will need many appointments: While you don’t need as frequent appointments as with braces, clear aligners must be replaced every few weeks. Your dentist or orthodontist will schedule consultations after two to six weeks to check the progress.
  5. Invisalign is a little more expensive than braces: The prices are usually comparable, but Invisalign may cost more than standard metalwork used for straightening teeth. Ask your orthodontist if you can choose flexible financing plans, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover the treatment plan.
  6. Invisalign is not for every patient: Your orthodontist will do X-rays and scans to determine whether your malocclusion concerns can be addressed using clear aligners. Invisalign is best suited for mild/moderate problems, while for other orthodontic concerns, braces are still necessary.
  7. You can eat most things: You don’t have to change your lifestyle because of clear aligners. However, since Invisalign trays must be removed during eating, snacking can be a concern. You can talk to the dentist about these aspects in detail before starting the treatment.
  8. Invisalign treatment can take time: You may have to wait up to 18 months to get a straighter smile with Invisalign aligners. As long as you are regular with appointments and adhere to instructions, you should see significant progress in a short time.

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