A Few Interesting True Facts About Roulette

Step into any casino and you’ll almost certainly see a Roulette table. More to the point, it is almost certain that the Roulette table will be surrounded by excited players. With its spinning wheel, simple rules, and great payouts, Roulette is a favourite for a reason.

But did you also know that Roulette is fascinating beyond the gameplay? Here are a few fun and fascinating facts about the game. Bring them up next time you’re playing and impress your friends and family.

The Versions Matter

Did you know that there are different mainstream versions of Roulette? There is an American version and a European version. If you have a choice, always choose the European version. Why? Because, plain and simple, the European version is friendlier to players.

You already know that Roulette wheels have a 0 pocket, but perhaps a 00 pocket as well. The 0 pockets represent the house edge, given that almost all bets will lose if a 0 pocket comes up. So it certainly isn’t good for your chances of winning if there is a second 0 pocket, right? 

Only the American version of the game uses the 00 pocket. The European version has only the 0 pocket. An extra pocket may not seem like a big deal, but does double the house edge.Hence, if you’re playing Roulette insist on the European version.

Roulette Is A Perpetual Motion Machine (Sort Of)

So who got up one day, looked around, and decided that the world needs a game about a spinning wheel? No one. Instead, a 17th-century French inventor, Blaise Pascal, got the idea that he’d create a machine that spins forever. Yes, the perpetual motion machine.

If you’re unfamiliar, the perpetual motion machine is a sort of scientific brain teaser. Given that energy can’t come from nowhere, the idea that an unpowered machine can spin forever is an impossibility. In fact, if someone did ever create a perpetual motion machine, it would undo literally everything we know about the universe. Blaise Pascal, however, figured he was the man to do exactly that.

He didn’t create a perpetual motion machine, but did create a spinning wheel that caught his fancy. The wheel turned into the Roulette wheel we know today. So although Pascal didn’t undo reality, he did make a cool game.

Opposites Only

Did you know that the ball in a Roulette wheel must always spin in the opposite direction to the wheel? Yes, it’s a mandated rule in every casino in the world. Interestingly, in some casinos the rotation of the wheel is even changed between every spin. But why?

It’s all to do with the casino ensuring that every spin, and every result, is indeed completely random. Did you also know that Roulette wheels around the world are all designed to a very strict and specific set of rules? From the wood used, to the exact weight of the wheel, it is all universal around the world. Head to Grand Rush casino online right now and take a look at the digital recreations of Roulette wheels. Yes, even in the virtual world all the wheels are the same, even if it doesn’t technically matter.

Canoe Conundrum

Following on from the previous fact, ever notice the little silver bumps on a Roulette wheel? They’re called canoes, and serve no other purpose than to divert the ball in unusual ways. Again, this is a measure to ensure that the Roulette ball doesn’t follow a predictable pattern.

All the measures to make the ball random may seem odd, given that you can’t put down a bet before the croupier even throws the ball. But, if the casino didn’t take all these measures you can guarantee that a cheat would concoct some or other way of taking advantage.

Even Money Bets Are Not Even

In Roulette, and many other casino games, there are certain bets that are referred to as even money. That’s a 1:1 payout, meaning that if you win, you’ll get back the exact amount you bet back in winnings. This includes the red/black bet in Roulette, or the odds/evens bet.

But although the bet is even money, the chances of winning are not exactly 50/50. Since Roulette uses the already mentioned 0 and 00 pockets, the odds are more like 48%. This doesn’t make the bet any less fun, or less popular, but it is still wise to keep in mind the true odds.

17 Is The Lucky Number

Is 17 really the luckiest number in the world? It must be, since a significant number of Roulette players bet on 17. Though, it turns out that although some do consider 17 to be lucky, others bet on 17 simply because it’s the most visible.

Take a look at a Roulette betting table and notice where 17 is. Right in the centre, meaning that it’s the number that most players default to when betting. Interestingly enough, 17 is the most bet on number in the world for this simple reason. Strange but true.

Croupier Rules And Regulations

Ever notice that the croupier must use a little rake to move chips around the betting table? Because the croupier can’t reach, right? Yes, to some extent the tool is to avoid the croupier having to stretch over the table. Though, a bigger reason is that it is against the rules for a croupier to touch any chips. Yes, casinos must also ensure that croupiers aren’t doing any cheating.

The croupier isn’t allowed to touch the chips, and therefore is required to use the tool to move money around the table. Interestingly enough, moving chip stacks without tipping them over is a learned skill. Try doing it and see how much more difficult it is than it seems.

Online Roulette Is Perfect

Last, on our list, did you know that online Roulette is actually more perfect than its real-world counterpart? A digital recreation of the game is infallible in its mathematics, down to the last digit, every time. A land-based Roulette wheel, over time, develops flaws, even if imperceptible. So gamblers prefer a real Roulette wheel for this reason, insisting that imperfections are the spirit of the game. Others insist that perfect mathematics is better. Whichever you prefer is a personal choice, of course.