Comparison R4 linker vs. Stargate 3ds vs. Sky3ds for hack Nintendo 2DS/3DS 11.11

Comparison R4 linker vs. Stargate 3ds vs.Sky3ds for hack Nintendo 2DS/3DS 11.11

Currently playing 3ds ROMs with a 3ds flashcard is very popular in France and the different linkers are becoming more and more known in the market. Players could get lost easily in the choice of linkers. To play free 3ds games, there are 2 types available to order now: Stargate 3DS, Sky3ds+ and R4 3DS, so what are the differences and what is the best choice for Nintendo 2DS/3DS v11.11?

R4 3DS Reviews

Since 2007, Nintendo ds, dsi has been cracked, which means that users can play games freely, not only games but also many homebrews, such as music player, e-book reader, msn, etc. There are many R4 cards that you can use to play NDS games freely.

This is the most famous R4i-R4i SDHC 3DS RTS. The R4 3DS card looks like the original game card. R4i SDHC 3DS RTS 2019 is the best r4i-sdhc r4 card for the latest version of the 3DS & DSI firmware. It uses a micro SD card to save the kernel and games. It’s very easy to use.

The following R4 3DS 2019 cards can be used to play DS and 3DS games on your Nintendo 3ds firmware consoles, including the V11.11.0. But remember that R4 memory cards do not support Nintendo 3DS games directly. You can only use it with the NTRboot method to install Luma3DS CFW / B9S on 3DS / 2DS / NEW 3DS XL / 2DS XL to play 3DS games in CIA format.

Among them, R4i Gold Pro 2019 is the cheapest to buy with a retail price of 18€, but the best R4i card supports DS and 3DS CFW games are the R4i Gold 3ds plus, with a reasonable price and an integrated switch for NTR and DS modes.

Stargate 3DS VS Sky3DS+

As we know, Sky3DS+ is a very good choice to play free 3DS games on all versions up to 3DS 11.11.0-43E in France. He has no opponent on the market. However, with the release of this new Stargate 3DS linker. The position of sky3ds+ will change. Stargate 3DS VS sky3ds+, what is your choice in France? Here are the differences of these 3DS linkers:

sky3ds+ does not play free NDS games, but Stargate 3DS supports DS ROMs with no problem. There is no need to make purchase of the R4 3DS card to play DS games when you have a Sky3DS+ card.

sky3ds+ does not support GBA, NES and SNES emulators. However stargate 3ds is compatible with these emulators, so will it hack GBA and SNES games? We do not know, but we can wait for the official website news.

3DS hax compatibility for the stargate 3DS linker, such as magnethax and ntrboothax. But the sky3ds+ linker can not do it.

A DS mod menu supported by Stargate 3DS. But Sky3DS+ can not do it.
Stargate 3DS can help you save energy.

Buy Stargate 3DS or Sky3DS+ for Nintendo New2DS XL hacker? According to our comparison, you can play games with Stargate 3DS linker, it supports more games, and it has more functions than Sky3DS+.

Stargate 3DS VS R4 3DS

An R4 3DS card is a linker to play free NDS games, it is an old top linker on the market. She can help you play GBA and SNES games with an emulator. And a Stargate 3DS card helps you do more things. It supports 3DS games, you can also launch GBA, NES and SNES emulators. In addition, to install ntrboot, it does not need to make a purchase of the R4i Gold 3DS card.

Stargate 3DS supports 3DS games both NDS games, R4 3DS does not play 3DS games.
Stargate 3DS does not have the function of RTS or the Cheat Code. R4 3DS supports these free DS games with cheat code and RTS.

The best 3ds linker to order for New2DS/3DS 11.11

Finally, we come back to the question. What is the best way to play ds and 3ds games on Nintendo 3DS, 3ds r4 or sky3ds+ or Stargate 3ds? From the above, you already know that the R4 card and gateway 3ds support games ds and 3ds cfw, but the sky3ds+ only plays games 3ds. But, you know that the best way to play 3ds games is sky3ds+, unlike stargate 3ds, it can be compatible with all 3ds game without any problem.